Another weekend highlight

Another weekend, come and gone. Why can’t the weekends be 3 or even 5 days long? *sigh* Wishful thinking. Well I had a pretty relaxing weekend. The boyfriend went fishing on Saturday while I stayed behind and went to Pilates and saw Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice. I’ll say that even though I’m not a big superman fan, that movie wasn’t half bad. Ben Affleck did a good job as Batman and Wonder Woman stole the show just like Furiosa stole Mad Max’s thunder!!
I spent a lot of time on my makeup this weekend. I have been trying to pull inspiration from pictures and other YouTube MUA’s and challenge my skills. I love makeup and it’s been really fun to see the different looks I come up with every weekend. I can’t get enough of Morphe Brushes 35O and the 35T palette. Very diverse colors and with great color pay off. If you can get your hands on any kind of Morphe palette, you won’t be disappointed!
For Easter, I spent my morning upside down in a fabric hammock… No guesses? I was in Aerial Yoga again! While Ryan and his family went to church, I had booked a class for another aerial yoga session. If there is any type of aerial anything in your area, I HIGHLY recommend taking at least one class because it is so much fun and challenging in a way you wont be used to if you go to the gym. I enjoyed an acai bowl in the courtyard village in Claremont. Once Ryan and his family got back home, we cooked up some of that fish he caught and enjoyed a home cooked meal. And then finished off the weekend with dinner with my family and The Walking Dead.

If you want to see more of my weekends, follow my snapchat! @tatianasalazar


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