March Favorites!

march faves.png

Another month came and went…and in the blink of an eye! My goodness how this year is already in its 4th month! Well March was a very good month for me. A lot of opportunities surfaced and a lot of goodies to review!

  1. Kat Von D Shade Light Face Contour Palette – I swear makeup companies are trying to knock the wind out of you with their long ass makeup names. I have been trying to find a good contour color powder for the past 3 months and nothing has satisfied me. Nyx left me a bit disappointed with their patchy contour duo palettes. So I decided to suck it up and splurge on a Kat Von D palette. I will say it takes some getting used to because the palette is very pigmented but its so much creamier (for a powder) and blends like a dream. I have used it on a few looks and really brings the look together. I do use the banana shade to set under the eyes and then the color on the left, as a all over lid shade primer powder. It’s $46 doll-hairs so its on the high end price. But money well spent. P.S. I also invested in the $10 Sephora 2 day FREE shipping and this came in the blink of an eye! If you like online ordering, that’s the way to go! (you spend $10 for the year and get 2 day free shipping on anything!)
  2. Acai Bowls – So as some of you may know, I am pescatarian. I don’t eat land animals basically. Fruits, veggies, dairy, eggs, and seafood are my main diet. So finding colorful, delicious foods can be as easy as throwing stuff in a blender! Me and Ryan have been making homemade acai bowls with Sambazon acai smoothie packs and some fresh/frozen fruit. Now I wouldn’t recommend this as a snack but an actual meal. An acai bowl can range from 300-600 calories and is packed with carbs an sugars. You can definitely add protein powder to add an extra nutritional value to it. But anyone who struggles with sugar and carbs, I would limit these to once or twice a week for a meal. My body has gotten used to the increased carbohydrates due to my dietary change, and for me this is perfect for lunch when its hot outside!
  3. Ion Gator Titanium Styling Iron – I’m a female adult and I thought it was time to make a necessity purchase. So of course I invested in a good $60 flat iron. I love this thing! It has a digital screen that tells you the exact temperature the iron is at. You can also change the heat settings for different hair types. Mine is finer and thin so it doesn’t need to be too hot. And my favorite part is the long swivel cord! I have been using Ryan’s cheap Wal-Mart flat iron and never did I realize the frustration of dealing with a tangled cord. Swivel cords are life and I simple enjoy the small things in life. I will say it felt weird at first since the hand grip area is longer than the flat irons itself. Which is usually vice versa for the flat irons I’ve used in the past. But overall, its a great sturdy straightener and I love it!
  4. The Circus Studio – I finally took the plunge and signed up for my first Aerial Yoga class here at my local aerial studio…BEST DECISION EVER! This place is amazing. The teachers are wonderful, nice, and informative. The studio itself is rustic chic with all your aerial, yoga, Pilates necessities! The students are all so nice and welcoming. I enjoyed my first class so much I signed up for a monthly pass plan. I get 4 aerial classes per month with unlimited “ground” classes which include pilates and stretching classes. I never though being upside down with your thighs being squeezed by fabric would be so liberating and fun! I can’t get enough of this place!  If you have any type of aerial studio in your area, I recommend signing up for a class. What’s the worst that can happen!?
  5. Melatonin – Now you can use any brand at any dosage you prefer, but since taking this I have been sleeping like a baby. I sleep so much more deeply and feel so rested when taking this, its a dream. Its not like drowsy cough medicine to PUT you to sleep. It aides with sleeping through the night. Which me and Ryan have a hard time doing even in a king size bed! But I guess that’s expected when you sleep in the same bed every night. If you have a hard time staying a sleep I recommend trying these tablets. They aren’t habit forming and if they don’t work then you wont suffer from any side effects.

Hope you enjoyed your month of March as much as I did! I can’t wait to see what April brings!


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