#OOTD Western

Good Monday morning! Did ya’ll have a great weekend? I sure did…well sort of. But I’ll explain later.

This is Saturdays #OOTD and I’m so glad that I kept this dress! I bought this dress from a thrift store some years ago with the thought of “I’ll find a way to wear this…someday.” I kept hanging on to it and got so close to donating when I moved back home. But luckily I found this amazing double buckle belt from a shop on Etsy that brought new life to this dress! Its very comfortable and the embroidery is perfect for the boho trends hat we see coming back into style. I mean Coachella is right around the corner right?

Now I know that my makeup didn’t really match my outfit but lately I have just been experimenting with looks and not really caring if it clashes. Its makeup, who cares!?

Dress: Thrifted | Belt: Etsy | Sandals: Thrifted | Sunnies: Amazon | Necklace: Papaya






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