I’m sure some of you women have heard of the new calvin klein model Myla Dalbesio. If not, well she’s breaking news…at least in the fashion industry. She is not your run of the mill, cookie cutter size 00 model. She’s actual normal. Like literally. A size 10 model. Now I don’t know about you, but for me that’s a big deal. Why? Well because she’s “classified” as plus-size but she isn’t Yes she’s bigger than that size 0 but she isn’t a size 14 or 16 curly model. She’s right in the middle. That grey area that most women and girl fall into.


A girl like me. We are basically the same size. Like neck and neck. And that’s freaking amazing! I have dealt with body shaming my whole life from that inner voice of mine. I always wanted to be skinny and fit into limited too clothes but never could. (kudos to those who know what store that is) I didn’t know what the thigh gap was until some girls pointed out that I didn’t have one. I was slowly seeing that I was neither super skinny nor super curvy. Like where the hell do I fit in!?


Then comes along Myla…and she is a god sent. She is beautiful and normal in all the best ways. She faced her own demons and now is cherished by fans for breaking the mold. Yes she got some criticism for not being “plus-size-ENOUGH” but she came out to say, I KNOW I’m not plus size. I’m an in-betweener. She’s a true role model. And I look up to her.

Yes I may not be a stick, but I am strong. I can throw my butt over my head in aerial yoga, I can squat my own bodyweight and some. I ran a half marathon, and danced my heart out for 10+ years. I’m active. I am healthy. And that’s what matters. Healthy is beautiful. And I’m starting to accept my body because it the most important thing I have. Its the one thing that is truly mine and I must love it. Ryan loves it too 🙂



2 thoughts on “My #WCW

  1. I think it is absolutely disgusting that the fashion industry categorizes this beautiful woman as “plus” sized. I’m a 10 and although it’s a bit over my comfort zone for me (I gained weight) I am by no means “plus” sized. The only way to fight back is to stop buying fashion magazines. I ditched Vogue and most others because of this very issue. I also ditched the fashion rags due to ageism. I’m sick and tired of seeing young models and z-list celebrities in photo shoots. Older women wear clothes too. Anyway, great little post! Thank you for bringing this to the attention of many!

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