The Stages of Yoga and Aerial…

So I started my aerial journey not too long ago and let me tell you…its not easy. It’s hard. Probably the hardest thing I’ve done. But it is the most fun and relaxing thing I have experienced. Most of you know that I suffer from anxiety and depression, and it can be debilitating. But since taking up aerial and yoga again, my mind has something to focus on and ends up being a release for me. I have committed 110% to aerial and yoga that I haven’t missed a day of practice or class. However there are stages that I think every newcomer experiences.

  1. “Yes this is exciting! Starting a new fitness journey, no more stupid burpees!”
  2. “Ok, strangers…not bad. They can’t be as bad as gym strangers.”
  3. “Crap they actually socialize…I’m new… I don’t know anyone!”
  4. “Ok just ask the teacher for help.”
  5. “That wasn’t too bad…except now everyone knows I have no idea what I’m doing.”
  6. “Starting, ok this feels good…can’t touch my damn toes but this stretch feels nice.”
  7. “What? I can’t flip like that!”
  8. “Ok the bloods rushing to my head…I might faint…just hold it together.”
  9. “That wasn’t bad at all…I’m drenched in sweat but I feel good.”
  10. “Ok I take that back…I’m sore as hell!”
  11. “Alright back at it! I got this!”
  12. “Hey I can touch my toes!”
  13. “This is actually relaxing.”
  14. “PSH, what bills? I’m in my zen-zone!”
  15. “Look at that body! girl you are crushing it!”
  16. “Wow, I love my body!”

I just wanted to share my recent progress, I am able to grab my foot in a backbend with BOTH hands now! In only 1 month! WooHoo flexibility!

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