Wizarding World of Awesome!

Good Muggle Morning! How are my little non-magic folk? Oh still at work? Well I too am at work… At the Ministry of Magic! But I did happen to take a field trip to my old wizarding school, Hogwarts. Yesterday felt amazing to be back at my old stomping grounds! Catching up with some old friends, drinking a good old pint of Butterbeer, and watching the little ones get ready to start their term. It really brought back some wonderful memories. Don’t tell Kingsley Shacklebolt, but I did bring my Muggle boyfriend with me and stole a snog here and there.

Oh and I recently bought a Muggle camera…I belive it’s called a Sony Alpha 5100…Sounds like a broomstick model I know! But it captured these amazing photographs…yet sadly they do not move…Muggles have not yet caught on to this magic…

Shirt: lookhuman.com | Shorts: Kohl’s | Shoes: Converse | Backpack: Target | Sunnies: (borrowed from a friend) | Time Turner: Harry Potter Shop












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