#OOTD Breezy Dress

Hello Monday Tea-drinkers, coffee-sippers, and whiskey-swiggers! Like that? I do too! I can’t get enough of my Sony A5100 which has been a delight to use…well Ryan has been mostly using it to photograph me. But I do get a chance to shoot landscape and his outfits every so often. If you haven’t noticed, I have started letting my hair grow out. I think it has officially stepped into “Bob” territory and I’m loving it! I’ll tell you a secret, to achieve the a-symmetrical bob look, I cut some single barrette extensions and placed them on one side of my head. My hair is just an inch shorter but I think the subtlety is perfect!

Dress: Kohl’s | Bralette: Victoria’s Secret | Sandals: Thrifted | Necklace: Papaya Clothing | Sunnies: Sunglass Spot | Backpack: Target

Here are some shots I got of the “Instagram Husband” (if you haven’t seen this youtube video, I HIGHLY recommend you watching it if you are a instagram whore like me!) Ryan said he didn’t want to look like a hobo compared to me so he decided to dress up a little. Just outside his shirt and jeans look. He is such a goober and I love him!


Here was my “natural makeup” makeup. I went for a full messy brow look and a “wet” eyelid look.



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