Thrift Shop Thursday: Strappy Sandals

Well it’s looking almost like the weekend…right? So close! But in the meantime, here is a mini Thrift Shop Thursday for you all!
These sandals I was lucky enough to score at my local Goodwill. And I’ll be honest, at first I hated “gladiator” sandals. I thought they looked funny and a bit overkill. But as the gladiator style sandal trend began to die down, a lot of stores came out with a more simplified version of the calf or knee high gladiator sandal. I believe these sandals are originally Target’s “Mossimo” brand and I love them! It can be so hard to find shoes that are cute and the correct size at thrift stores. But I lucked out with these.
They are simple but slightly more elegant than your average flippy-flops. With black straps and a hint of gold trim, I can pair these sandals with cool and warm tone garments. Like I did below, both outfits are simple dresses, but one is grey “cool” tone while the other is “warm” tone. I wear these sandals with a bunch of other dresses, but they usually are maxi dresses and my feet are covered. But like I mentioned before, they take a simple flippy-flop and make it slightly more classy.


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