April Favorites!

april faves.pngHello there my lovely tea-drinkers! I bring you my April Favorites! It’s not a long one this month but I love these 3 things so much!

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – So this is a Netflix exclusive “TV” series about a woman trapped in a bunker for 15 years by a crazy cult leader. She is found and let back into the world try to reacclimatized. I stumbled on this while perusing through Netflix and I ended up watching the whole 1st season in 2 nights. Its such a quirky and goofy show with a dash of raunchy comedy. So you can expect that I was depressed when I finished the season. But then it was announce April 15th season 2 would be on Netflix! I have been trying to watch 1 episode a night to try and lengthen the season over a longer time, rather than binge watching. I love this show so much! probably more than Walking Dead! I think it’s because its a real feel good show about a girl trying to understand and cope with the world around her. And I think everyone can learn a thing or two from this show. Tina Fey, you did an awesome job!
  2. Sony a5100 – My my, what a lovely tax return present this year. Usually I get a new tattoo on tax day. But this year I wanted to expand my blogging/instagram/YouTube potential and invest in a good camera, $700 worth! (including insurance of course) So long are the days of being a poser with an iphone. I will say this was a pain in the butt to purchase, the only white sony a5100 in store was an hour away. So I had to purchase it and then pick it up on the weekend. But other than a cumbersome purchase process, I finally got my baby! I don’t think I have watched as many YouTube videos to learn about something as much as the sony a5100… makeup tutorials are a close 2nd. It’s not so much learning about the camera as learning photography. How to adjust the settings for different shots. Its all really exciting! The only bummer thing is that Ryan is the one behind the camera, not me but I’m slowly teaching him too…or I’l just preset the settings and tell him to just point and shoot. But all in all this is a great camera for some clear pictures. Its so-so as far as video. Definitely a “vlog” camera, not a fancy dslr with crazy great sound quality. But for starting out, it’s perfect! I really love the wifi hotspot feature that lets you send pictures straight to your phone! I take it everywhere I go! If you all want an in depth post or even video on how I use my camera just leave a comment!
  3.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – It’s finally here! After my first trip to see harry potter in high school I FINALLY get to go…and in my own state! I have been dreaming about this since I first heard the “rumors” of Harry Potter world opening in Hollywood. I have waited patiently for years and can I tell you how hard I fangirled when me, Ryan, and Brandon went?! I have never been so happy in my life. Well other than going as a sophomore in high school. But as a 22 year old…this was truly magical! I wanted to see and buy everything! If Ryan hadn’t held me back, I would have easily blew my whole paycheck there. Good thing we got Passes so we can go anytime of the year! I think I’m more excited about having a Universal pass than a Disneyland pass… and that’s saying something! Ryan was sweet enough to buy me an interactive wand that you can play with in certain parts of the park and make magic happen! If you live in the Southern California area…GO just GO!!ig

3 thoughts on “April Favorites!

  1. I LOVE these monthly favourites girl! I am looking to do youtube but am soooo scared haha. I want to invest in a good camera before I start as I feel that would help with bringing in the followers and views, especially with better audio than my iPhone! But I think that camera is one to aim for! Definitely! Thanks for introducing it to me! And I am a totally HP fan girl. I grew up with that series and will always swear by it!! xx


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    1. Yeah, go for it! I’m still coming up with content to start putting on my youtube channel. I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for your videos!


  2. Yeah, go for it! I’m still coming up with content to start putting on my youtube channel. I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for your videos!


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