#OOTD Creeping Around Hogsmead

What can I say, You can’t take this Muggle out of hogsmead! Another successful trip to Harry Potter World and this time we had an addition to the golden-trio! (yes that was a Harry Potter inside joke!) It was a lot colder than the last time we went so I got to bundle up with my awesome Mauder’s Map scarf Ryan got me a few months ago. The weather also added to the ambiance with the snow covered stores and the overall feel of winter that the stories always had.

Hat: Universal Studios purchase | Scarf: Etsy | Jacket: Kohl’s | Shirt: Kohl’s | Jeans: GStage
Creepers: Thrifted (underground shoe) | Necklace: Don’t remember but its a SNITCH! | Bag: Target

Yeah, Ryan and Brandon totally matched this trip, we all were wearing maroon that day (my sleeves were) got to represent Gryffindor…even if I’m technically a Ravenclaw.

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