What does Pescetarian look like?


So I have posted about this once before, about being pescetarian. And I have been a proud pescetarian since November! Well I was an off/on again one. I would eat beef every once in a blue moon. I made the full switch about Christmas time. Now I feel better about myself just because I am feeding my body more whole nutrient rich foods rather than relying on MEAT & POTATOES to satisfy me. I found these two pyramids that closely represent how much food I consume in a day. Or at least strive to… I’m not prefect and if I want a handful of chips and a grilled cheese sandwich, well by-golley I’m going to have one. But that’s not to say that I eat like that every day.
Like the above pictures, my diet consists of mostly vegetables. Now I wanted to quickly run you through what it means by “servings per day.”
When you see vegetables 3-5 servings or 5-10 servings (dependent on your vegetarianism) That means you need to have a serving of veggies that many times in a day. For example:

  • 1st serving – Broccoli with eggs and toast
  • 2nd serving – Carrots with hummus
  • 3rd & 4th serving – Spaghetti squash spaghetti with a side spinach salad
  • 5th serving – Mixed veggie blend with salmon

And so on. Now you can always add/subtract how many servings you wish to eat in a day. But good rule of thumb, have veggies at every meal if possible. If you can’t (for whatever reason) eat them as a snack!

I am also watching my sugar intake, so instead of the above recommendation of 3-4 servings of fruit a day, I will usually only have 2…at most! Berries and tart fruit have a lower glycemic index which means the fiber content outweighs the sugar. Fiber = good! And then I’ll maybe have an apple or banana or even an orange as a midday pick-me-up.

I don’t necessarily feel that the source of protein is accurately represented on these pyramids because I eat eggs at least 4 times a week. I also eat some kind of seafood once a day. For me I need protein fish is a source of lean protein. Eggs (without the yolk) is a good source of protein too. I don’t always find it easy to make tofu in between but I try to! I will say this, if you’re like me and eat less carbs like rice, pasta, etc…you want to make sure you’re substituting that for other calorie nutrients. Basically up your veggie, fat, and protein intake.

Its all about variety when it comes down to it. Some days I’ll eat a bit more fatty foods, some days I’ll eat more carby food… It’s a matter of how I am feeling and what is readily available. Trust when me and Ryan have our house, we will be eating like full blown wholesome tree huggers!


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