May Favorites

may favorites.png
Its gonna be MAY! Yup I had to… Mind you I should have said that joke in last months favorite but oh well. This month is a bit smaller with my favorites list. I have taken a break from purchasing new makeup/beauty products and have tried focusing my energy on learning more about the Law of Attraction. I am basically finding more to appreciate NOW then trying to find new things to like.

  1. Deadpool Movie – So I saw this movie when it first came out and it is by far the best superhero movie I have ever seen! I love how raunchy it is as well as a dash of gore and badass action. This movie definitely doesn’t take itself seriously as far as other superhero movies *cough* Avengers *cough* It’s filled with back-to-back jokes, one-liners, and fourth wall breaks…If you don’t know what those are…read a Deadpool comic. It’ll make sense. Ryan was sweet enough to pay me (for a haircut I gave him) in the form of the BluRay Deadpool movie. I was so freaking ecstatic and I have already watched it another 3 times. I don’t just watch movies…I OBSESS!
  2. The Power of Now – Ever since my aerial teacher brought the Law of Attraction to my attention, I can’t get enough of what it means, what it feels like, ad how to live with knowing the “secret”. I mentioned it in one of my previous posts, The book The Secret is a good book to get your foot in the door and introduce the basics of LOA. However there are far more dimensions to the LOA, more to apply to your life than just wishing for things. The Power of Now explains that to live internally peaceful and truly happy, you have to live in the present moment of NOW. Depression is caused by the mind comparing the NOW to the PAST, and anxiety is the mind comparing the NOW to the FUTURE. I am TOTALLY paraphrasing this book to the most simplest explanation. It goes on to explain how we play victim because our mind likes to mess with our BEING and we give into our mind and negative thoughts when to find pure happiness and content, you need to let go of past and future and live in the NOW. If this sounds up your alley, definitely give it a read. I used to suffer from both depression and anxiety and since reading this book, I have been able to take moments to appreciate NOW and let my worries and fears completely dissolve.
  3. Vision Journal – Some people have a vision board, a cork board or wall to place pictures and quotes about what the strive to accomplish or obtain. I have a journal. Simply because I am between houses and I love the idea of having my dreams close to me. I bought this style of notebook at Barnes & Noble, however it has some etching on the cover of a tree with some birds. It’s really pretty so I’m sad I can’t find a proper picture of it. Anywho, I have put pictures of what I want my perfect house to look like, the places I want to travel to, the aerial body I dream of having, daily affirmations, gratitude lists, journal entries of happy experiences and even some entries of when I have experience the LOA myself! If you don’t mind carrying around a journal like a 12 year old girl, this is perfect for keeping your thoughts positive and your heart open to what you want in life.faceinsta

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