Thrift Shop Thursday: Bags for Days

Looking fabulous doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Accessorize to the max with some statement bags that wont break the bank. I want to show you my collection of bags that I have thrifted and/or given as a hand-me-down. All of these bags together cost me under $20. One of which was absolutely free! Here are some tips when looking for a statement purse at your local thrift store!

  • Look for bright colors! Don’t be afraid to go bold! I have found that more bright colored bags are in the best condition. (though I don’t have enough to prove to you) I find that with great color comes great finds! I will point out that some bags might have scuff marks on the bottom (due to placing your purse on random objects) Sometimes a wipe with a wet cloth can make it look brand new!
  • Look for popular brands! Obviously larger brand names like Guess and Steve Madden are going to be those diamond in the roughs. But I have been lucky enough to find them and you can already know that they are good quality bags. Just be sure they are still holding up. Previous owners may have taken advantage of the durability of the bag and it may show through wear and tear.
  • Look out for wear and tear! The biggest point I have to make out is to watch out for wear and tear. Since most bags are carried from the straps, some thrifted bags will have an incredible amount of wear on the seams where the straps connect to the bag. If the seams are ripping, the fabric is frayed or anything that shows it has been heavily worn, PASS! I have found the cutest bags but had to pass because the straps were just so beat up. And that’s the last thing you want to go. Be sure to avoid bags with holes in the body of it. Don’t want that phone falling out!
  • Check out the Boutique! Sometimes a thrift store may have a blocked off section that the public may not have direct access to. (like behind a counter, or glass shelf) These items are usually priced higher because they are in mint condition and are high end brands. If you’re wanting to spend a little more, definitely check out the boutique areas! You wont get that “steal” price but it still beats hundreds of dollars spent on a bag!


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