Law of Attraction Bible


I’m no religious person, but I have transitioned to an enlightened spiritualist. I once told someone long ago that I didn’t believe in God. I told them though that I believe we are the highest power. We have all the will power. Our fate isn’t destined by a deity. Me, you, that stranger, everyone has power. We are “god” because we decide our fate.

I just remembered this memory recently. And I was blown away when I did. I believed in the Law of Attraction before I even knew what it was. I never heard of it. I didn’t know anyone who practiced that. I was a young teenager. How did I know what something was without knowing it? (Sounds like Harry Potter knowing parseltongue without KNOWING he knew another language)

From a young age I was enlightened, and then being an adult has skewed my carefree way of thinking…because you know “life is hard.” But it isn’t! People have the vibrations of negativity which brings on more challenges in their life that “confirm” their statement…”life is hard.”

Since returning to my true beliefs of “WE are our own God”  I have been able to live happier and more carefree as I did as a kid. However I use the word God in the sense that its not a man in the sky but the connection to our true inner self. Our Being as Eckhart says.

I have done some…well a lot of reading and also was referred some books about Law of Attraction and I have the perfect “LOA bible” if you must. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

This book is a very simple layout of each Law of Success that explains what each law means, represents, and how it can help you. And at the end of each chapter is a step-by-step guide on how to apply each law.

Now you might think; “why do you need 7 laws to make 1 ‘Law of Attraction’ work?” Well I like to think of the title of the book where it says “Success” actually means the success of the Law of Attraction. So these 7 spiritual laws will help you achieve the Law of Attraction so you may utilize it properly and fulfill your dreams, ambitions, and goals.

Make sense? Lets say you need to make a deadline at work. You can’t wish it done and not actually work. You have to do x, y, and z to get where you need to be to meet the deadline. Only then will your wish to meet the deadline will be fulfilled. Make a little more sense?

I am recommending this book for those of you who need a little more guidance to make the Law of Attraction work for you not against you. We may think we are thinking positively and expecting positive outcomes but were not seeing the “results.”

Like my teacher says, you can wish all you want but if your still thinking about what you DON’T want and not appreciating what you have NOW, your still filling the universe with your negativity. Which in return, leads to more negativity.

I take this book with me everywhere I go. I have it sticky noted and dog-tagged to each law. If I am ever feeling bad, anxious, or just not my new up-itty self I will look back and re-read one of the laws that will help me in that moment. Like I said, this book isn’t incredibly long. Each law is only a few pages long so a quick “pep-read” is never a waste of my time. It’s like having a personal spiritual life coach in my bag at all times.

However if this seems a bit overkill, you can just read the book and take mental notes and just log them into your mind for later. I know some people are better at remembering things than others. But I enjoy re-reading because I feel that visualization one gets when reading. (Like adult imagination)

What books help you cope with day-to-day life? What books make you happy?

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