My active lifestyle

Being a desk jockey may seem nice to some… enjoying a nice air conditioned building, not having to strain yourself with labor intensive work, working monday-Friday 9 to 5. Well I think everything but the latter is total crap!

I hate working a desk job. Don’t get me wrong, the benefits and pay are amazing. And I work for an animal shelter. So what seems to be the matter? Well I hate sitting…. just sitting on my butt all damn day. It sucks. I feel so lazy and I feel my body already being affected by it. I have written about what sitting all day can do to the body, you can check it out.

Sitting has tightened my hip flexors which makes it really hard and uncomfortable to stretch and get into my splits. And with progressing into Level 2 aerial, I need my flexibility and strength which I am losing.

Here is what I have done to help with the dreaded “sitting disease” Quick side note, I have also written about The Importance of 10,000 steps. You can check that out too. However with the summer heat here in Southern California, it’s a bit hard to walk and run in the heat.

Now on top of walking and running as often as I can and when the weather allows, I also train for aerial. What exactly does that look like?

Well about every other hour, (or hour if I’m in need for an extra stretch) I stretch at my desk. What kind of stretches?

  • High Lunges
  • Low Lunges
  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Wide Leg Forward Bend
  • Triangle Pose
  • Side Stretches

Now for those of you who practice yoga, most of these stretches will sound familiar.  I usually take 5 minutes and run through these stretches. Now when the heat is hot and walking outside is out of the question I will practice yoga. I’ll switch it up from flexibility to strength.

Now lets pause for a second. While I love yoga and it makes me feel good, I love aerial more. In order to regain body awareness that one needs in aerial, I have been strongly focusing on yoga to help me move forward in my aerial practice. Flexibility and strength are important and yoga plays a key role in aerial. I will also take time to do yoga when I get home anytime after an aerial class or conditioning session.

Now I have an pass for my local aerial studio. I switch up my days sometimes but I usually take 2-3 aerial classes per week, and another 2 “floor” classes a week.

  • Monday – Circus workout (aerial class)
  • Tuesday – Aerial Yoga (aerial class)
  • Wednesday – Circus stretch (“floor” class)
  • Saturday – Pilates (“floor” class)
  • Saturday – Lyra/Trapeze/Silks (aerial class)

Now above is what I take currently but I don’t go to every single class. one week I will only take 2 classes, another week I’ll take all 5. I am actually going to be switching to mostly aerial 2 classes very soon which leaves more time for a personal workout.

Now since I cant be at the studio all day every day (I wish) when I’m at my local regular gym, I will usually condition for aerial. What does that look like?

  • Pull-ups (all variations) on bars, trx straps and smith machine
  • Negative Pull-Ups
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Straddle Leg Raises
  • Pikes on a yoga ball
  • Push-Ups (all variations)
  • Back Extensions
  • Side extensions
  • Ab crunches (all kinds of variations)
  • Assisted Pistol Squats
  • Walking Lunges
  • Step-Ups

And anything else calisthenics related that I forgot to mention. That’s mostly what aerial is, using your own body weight to get yourself into poses, drops, and contortions.

So you can see I try to stay as active as I can. Always trying to move around and find a way to take the “scenic route” in a way. I don’t feel like it’s ever a chore to stay active. There are times when I’m tired and I take that feeling to relax and practice restorative yoga, not pushing my body too much. But otherwise, I’m always wanting to do things that’ll work my body because it’s good for it. Parking a bit farther than usual. Taking more trips to do things or get things to let my body take a break from sitting.

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  1. Wow! I must try an aerial class!! I have a Move It Monday series on my blog where bloggers like you can share fitness-related posts so feel free to take part at any time!

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