It’s not “goodbye”, but “see ya later.”

I’m trying to hold back tears but deciding to let go of my Disneyland Pass is so heartbreaking.

It’s what solidified Ryan and I’s relationship. It’s the place where I told Ryan countless trivia that he tries to remember. It’s where we laughed at inside jokes till our bellies hurt. It’s where we fed ducks and cautiously watched baby geese. It’s the place that held the background for countless #OOTD posts. It’s where we spent 2 Halloweens because were that nerdy. It’s where we curled up together in the winter and sweated our butts off in the summer. It’s where I ALMOST met Alicia Moore (p!nk) It’s where we escaped our problems. It’s the place that made us feel young again. It’s the place that makes us smile.

Moving on to new adventures, we are planning to make new memories with our Universal Studios pass. We can already laugh at the fact I was mad at an 8 year old girl stealing my Olivander’s spotlight. Or how we got drunk at Hog’s Head Pub. We can laugh at how soaking wet we got on Jurrassic World. We will brace ourselves for all the water spitting on every ride. We can giggle at a lady stealing apple slices from our friend. And that’s just a few of the experiences we’ve had… I can’t wait to make more memories at a new amusement park.

July 12th will be the end of the Mouse adventures. That will be the saddest day for any Disneyland nerd that has spent her entire life growing up with Disney princesses, cars, animals, and toys.  It’s going to be hard to let go. But it’s not goodbye, oh no. It’s see ya later! I’ll be back again. That mouse can’t get rid of me that easily!




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