It’s just the Veganning!

OK OK don’t stop the presses quite yet!

I’m not quite transitioning to Veganism, but I do want to address the elephant in the room that is my uncooperative 22 year old stomach. Let me explain. After 22 years of a raging cheese-a-holic…I have come to the conclusion… I am Lactose Intolerant. I KNOW! What the scandal!

Let me say that I wasn’t always lactose intolerant. I was basically 75% cheese as a kid. That’s all I ate. And milk…but we don’t talk about that. (gross!) Anyway, the past few months, I would get crippling stomach cramps, bloating, and (yes I’m going to say it) REALLY bad gas… And I could not figure out why!

Well eventually I did. As I was enjoying my mini Baybel cheese circle…it came to me… “Could I be Lactose Intolerant??” PSH!!! WHAT? No, not me! Well I figured I would test the theory. I went 3 days without any cheese, dairy cream, butter…etc. The end of the 3rd day Ryan proposed we “test” my theory and get FroYo…you know strictly for “scientific purposes.”

Well like a ticking time bomb as I ate that delicious first bite of salted caramel frozen yogurt…the cramps, bloating, and gas came. It was definitive. I have adult-onset lactose intolerance.


Ok…so that brings us to now. What do I do?

Well I stopped drinking milk for about 4 years so that’s no problem. But CHEESE!? Why! Well I know it’s not the end of the world. There is Vegan alternatives. A world I used to scoff at… but now is all too real. I tried my very first vegan pizza over the weekend at Zpizza. And well, Daiya is delicious! Definitely don’t knock it till you try it.

So basically I am cutting waaaaaay back on cheese….(even my favorite goat cheese) coffee with milk (like Starbucks/Coffee Bean) substituting butter for oils, and sweets. I did invest in some lactase incase the cheese thirst is too strong.

But instead of getting depressed,  I feel like this is a way of my body telling me that this is how I need to be, to be healthy. Even though it may seem like I’m making a big deal, it’s not all that bad. I think it affects Ryan the most because he is the cook and feels bad that I have to eat separately from everyone else. So this will be a turning point for my cooking career, I am going to have to start cooking my own “vegetarian/dairy free” meals. But what a world we live in, there are SO many alternatives to things, its not like I’m stuck with salads for the rest of my life.

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7 thoughts on “It’s just the Veganning!

  1. I was in complete denial when I developed lactose intolerance. I too ate tons of cheese growing up so I was shocked when it started to destroy my stomach! After about 3 years I’m just now starting to introduce goat cheese back into my meals, but I’m not one to test the limits too far 🙂

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    1. I found goat cheese doesn’t hurt my tummy at all, well at least with moderate intake. Now if I went “ham” and decided to eat a whole roll or container…that answer might be different lol. Best thing is to introduce little at a time. I still have to watch out for vegetarian food because sometimes it’s made with egg and milk ingredients. And even traces can upset my tummy.

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      1. Haha yeah! My husband who has had lactose intolerance for about 8 years recently started eating pizza with light cheese and having cheeseburgers from time to time and he does just fine. I’m sure I’ll eventually get to a point when I’m more keen on introducing dairy back in my life. For now I’m all about avocados or “fake” cheese when I need some creaminess!

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      2. Yeah I don’t think I can give up cheese entirely. But I like the idea of using alternative ingredients for “creamy texture”

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