Designer Jewelry…on LOAN?!

The items shown were given to me by RocksBox along with the affiliate code nickiteaxoxo. Which you may use at your discretion.





How do you like to make a statement?

Is it with your voice? Is it with your skill? Or is it with your style? I personally like to make statements with what I wear. Everyone makes this statement in day to day life. A suit evokes professionalism and expertise. A boho dress can capture your carefree spirituality. How about with your accessories? Do you like dainty jewelry that kindles intimacy or innocence?
Maybe a bright bold necklace to arouse your inner queen!

Well RocksBox lets you accessorize to your hearts desire with a monthly subscription box personalized to your individual style. What!? Crazy idea right? I’m sure most of you beauty and fashion advocates out there are no stranger to beauty subscription boxes. I know I ain’t!

How does it work?

RocksBox delivers 3 designer jewelry pieces right to your door! At only $19 a month, you can take a personality quiz to be matched with a stylist that picks out jewelry you’ll love!

Best part is, you can keep the jewelry as long as you like! But hey, we all can get a little bored of the same ‘ol thing. No problem! Just send back your jewelry and get 3 whole new pieces! So if you like switching up your look every week or every few months, you still only pay $19 a month!

I think my favorite part is prepaid shipping! Yup! You heard me, RocksBox return box is completely prepaid!
So say you fell in love with a piece and just can’t seem to let it go… Like that hunky man you call your boyfriend! Just keep the item and RocksBox will charge the item price to your card on file. No more sad goodbyes and only if’s!
it girl

Free jewelry with my code!

Thanks RocksBox for sending me these amazing designer pieces! I know everyone likes to treat themselves, so RocksBox has provided me with a 1 month trial box code to share with my readers! That’s right, you can have 3 designer pieces to wear for an entire month…FREE! You can use my code nickiteaxoxo at checkout to get your first free trial box with RocksBox! Not for you? That’s ok, don’t feel obligated to sign up. But what if you love it…? Well heck! Join the RocksBox club! We’re always excited to see a new member! Click here to start accessorizing!

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