Selling Secondhand


I know finding and buying thrifted treasures can be the highlight of anyone’s day. But selling your clothes can come pretty close! Yes you can sell your clothes at thrift stores! Well not ALL thrift stores. Goodwill and Salvation Army are strictly donation only thrift stores so don’t try to be haggling the employees trying to get a few bucks on your last year Steve Madden shoes.

Where to sell

Thankfully there is a wonderful world called the internet! You can find your local thrift stores that BUY your used clothing. I live in Southern California so there are a lot of places that I call “boojee thrift stores” which hand select what they buy from you. Usually its those hipsters places that only want the trendy hipster style clothes. Now don’t get me wrong, I love those places because I know that they’re clothes will be better quality than some hole in the wall thrift store. But the downside is that they’re prices will run a bit higher. I mean I just bought a “vintage” Maui shirt for $15…. That’s the same as retail price.

Getting the most from your old clothes

Since most these stores buy “trendy” fashion pieces, don’t try to sell them old librarian clothes….well sometimes they’ll even take that if it looks hipster enough. Piece of advice, take a look around their store before hand. Get a feel of what they sell and maybe you have some things in your closet that’ll fit what they are looking for. Another piece of advice, make sure they are in good condition! Don’t be trying to sell your pit stained, holier-than-Christ shirt from a pie eating contest! They want as new as possible!

Pay attention to the seasons! Most if not all stores are not going to buy a huge parka in summer. Good rule of thumb is sell your clothes with the corresponding season. Summer=Summer Winter=Winter. Sometimes they will buy season clothes early to get a jump on the new trends. So start selling new season clothes about 2-3 weeks before new season starts.

Know what your worth

Each thrift store that buys will have a different percentage rate that they can pay you. For example; DeeLux gives you 35% cash of what the item will cost (for them to sell at their own store) and 50% store credit. So If you’re like me and like to thrift shop, you’ll take the store credit. But sometimes ya’ll need that green! Each store is different, so make sure you call or go in and ask an employee what their rates are.




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