June Favorites!

I want to say sorry for posting my monthly favorites a day late but it’s been busy with July 4th just around the corner. I’m sure all my fellow Americans know how crazy our Independence Day parties/vacations can be!

Yoga Mat Strap

So I have turned into a mat hoarder…well I only have 2 mats but that’s still a lot for me! There are different sizes and I can’t live without them. However before getting a strap, lugging them around was awkward and cumbersome. They kept unraveling and I was with one less arm to do activities! (Step Brothers reference) I know 1st world yogi problems. I checked out Etsy and other sports stores and all their straps were over $10! My Gaiam mat alone was $30! So I put on a brave face and headed to my local Walmart in search for a cheap mat strap. And I found one for under $5! Yes I know I’m cheap but I already spent so much to have a nice 5mm mat that I didn’t feel like investing another $10+ doll-hairs! I will say Etsy has some super cute straps as well as full bags if you don’t want your mat getting dirty.

Racerback Bikini Tops

My girls are big… And so are most of the female population. Finding a bikini that’s both comfortable and supportive can be tricky. Most tops tend to be on the smaller side and I’m all for “free the nipple” but not these ones! So usually I stick to halter tops but the ties behind my neck start to dig into my skin and give me the worst neck pain. Thankfully Target is getting with the times and expanding their swimsuit styles! I got 2 racerback tops each for $14.99. Target also has underwire bra style tops, but I wanted to try my hand at these since I never branch out of my comfort zone. Quick side note, they also have different bikini bottom styles! Cheeky, thong, hipster, string, rouching, briefs, and many more!

Yoga with Adriene

I am still a beginner yogi and aerialist so coming up with my own flows and practices can be difficult. Thankfully with the power of YouTube, I was able to find Yoga with Adriene. I have been using her practices for a while now and I will say my favorites are her 20-25 minute practices. I don’t normally like a lot of talking when I practice and her 50-60 minute sessions are a bit too chatty. But 2 of her 20 minute vinyasas are perfect! She isn’t strict with her flows, she always pushes “find what feels good” whether that means challenging yourself in a pose or stretch or taking it easy and just enjoy the ride. All of her videos are free of course and that’s great for someone like me who will try to save as much money as I can. Some yoga teachers make you buy there e-books, or become members of their classes. But yoga with Adriene is open to everyone young and old, rich or frugal.

Vegan Cheese

If you haven’t heard, I am lactose intolerant. So eating the cheese results in a bad time for my stomach. In my “It’s just the Veganning” I told you that I tried out Z-Pizza which has vegan and gluten free options. I was apprehensive at first about vegan cheese because I LOVE cheese. But the Daiya they used is freaking delicious! Even Ryan was digging the fake cheese! I like cheese on my omelets, on toast, with tortilla chips, in mac and CHEESE… It’s hard to escape the cheese life. So I will be experimenting with what fake cheeses taste good with what. And I have to say Go Veggies single slices are perfect for grilled cheese sandwhiches. Yes I used pepper jack instead of the normal cheddar but let me live! I love pepper jack! This cheese melts heavenly and is gooey without that greasy-ness normal cheese can tend to have.

Captains Chair or Roman Chair or Jungle Gym Thing

Since training to eventually run away with the circus, conditioning is the most important thing! All gyms have weight machines, but I’m not looking to build muscle like that anymore. I am trying to condition my body to be able to lift it’s own weight. So LOTS of calisthenics! This “machine” or chair thing has helped a lot with working out my pull ups. I still can’t do a full pull up but I do negative pull ups which you start at the top and slowly lower yourself down. I mainly like this chair because of all the different grip positions it has so I can practice pull ups in various grips. In aerial there are many ways to grip, grab, and hang when you’re upside down. I also like to condition my abs with leg raises. To switch it up, I will raise my legs in a straddle instead of straight in front of me to further my aerial conditioning. So if you are in need of more aerial muscle building, find one of these at your gym and go ham!

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