July Fourth

Unplugging from the world is what I do best isn’t it? Especially on holidays. I didn’t get any pictures throughout our entire river trip this 4th of July. Ryan and I were having too much fun to bother snapchatting, tagging, and networking. It’s nice to just unplug and really live in the moment.

We drank, ate, laughed, swam, and just had a great time! I was actually able to wakeboard this year for a whole 5 minutes! After some tweaking with my stance on the wakeboard, I was able to get up and STAY up no problem! But of course you all will have to take my word for it, cause alas, I have no video of thee. I also got the darkest out of all my white friends, as you can see. And Ryan got the most burnt of course. But I think we compliment each other!

After a whole 3 days of partying, I finally thought it’d be a good idea to actually take some pictures of us. So please enjoy our mini post-4th photoshoot!







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