July Favorites

july favs
To make up for last month’s favorites being late, I thought I’d give you July a day early!

Can you believe the year is half way over!? Neither can I! But I would be lying if I said I was sad. I’m so ready for cooler weather and long sleeves! I’m weird but I have an addiction to long sleeve shirts and cardigans. Summertime + long sleeve = personal B.O. sweat sauna. However there have been a few things goof about this summer, like July Favorites!


Just what a lactose intolerant inner fat child needs am I right? This little ice cream joint in the heart of the suburbs “Asian-town” (I wouldn’t call it Chinatown because the shops are not only that) This place has some of the best milk ice cream I have ever tried! It’s not “vanilla” its like straight milk! So of course I take 4 lactaid…ya know…just in case. Their known primarily for their honeymee which is ice cream topped with real honeycomb! (And for the record, beeswax is in fact edible. Just not nutritional. Don’t get carried away.) I have gone there twice and got something wonderfully deliciously different every time. Next time I want to get the sea salt caramel milkshake! Sounds to die for! Might need 8 lactaid!


Which brings me to my next favorite. Lactaid! Basically these chewables/pills are filled with lactose enzymes. People with lactose intolerance lack these enzymes so when eating dairy products, the intestines cannot break down the proteins which can result in bloating, gas, and worse diarrhea.  So if I ever get a hankering for ice cream or milk or goat cheese, I take this with the first bite of dairy and then I’m good! No bloating or gas! Depending on the amount of dairy, these can be doubled, tripled, etc. and taken as many times a day as you eat dairy. SO far every time I have taken these with anything dairy or even when I’m not sure if there is dairy in the food, I have had NO tummy problems!

Pokémon Go

Yes yes, I joined the bandwagon. But I actually grew up with Pokémon! It literally was my childhood! I collected cards, collected Burger King pokéballs with gold cards, and I even cried when the first movie came out! So it’s a given I would cave and download the app. It’s a bit confusing at first since it doesn’t come with an instructional manual. Basically you learn as you go. I’m no expert, I’m only on level 9 with my highest Pokémon with combat power of 500+. Some gyms have Pokémon that are over 1,000 and counting… But I will brag a bit because I was so close…like SUPER close to winning at a gym one time but lost before I could land my final hit. Bummer! But I will say, despite the crashes and server issues, it’s a pretty fun game. Just make sure you get yourself a portable charger!

Barrel Brush

So I haven’t made a hair styling video in a long time, like back when my hair was only a few inches long. I have been growing it out to a bob. Well a month ago I wanted to get my hair “trimmed” and cleaned up because it was so obvious it was “grown-out.” Unfortunately, the hair dresser heard “chop it off and make me look like Kate plus 8.” Yep. Well not as bad as Kate plus 8 but NOT what I wanted. So I had to invest in a new styling tool. I am now blessed with having to make this weird hair work. I basically give my hair a mini blowout, the result, a fluffy stacked bob. Even though I’m not entirely happy with my hair, the brush work amazingly. I personally don’t like bristle barrel brushes because they rip my hair out. This brush is like your average plastic paddle brush just round and vented. Its not a HUGE barrel since my hair is still short but it’s not super small where it gives me ringlets.

Teva Sandals

Hello? The 90’s called, they want their dad sandals back! But for real, these are the dorkiest sandals EVER! I didn’t think these things were still around. I used to hate them with a passion…but slowly I’ve had a change of heart. I got these exact color teva’s at Nordstrom rack for only $16. (I refuse to pay their $50 retail price) They are the perfect mix of 90’s throwback and comfy fashion. I haven’t really “styled” them yet, just wear them to and from aerial class since they are easy to get on. (and I hate regular thong sandals because my toes get tired of keeping them on my feet) I have pinned a few inspo pics on my Pinterest Page if you want to see how I plan on styling them… when I get around to it haha!

insta face

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