Why I hate music

OK this is very off topic for me but I need to get this off my chest. The title is a bit misleading, sorry for that. But there is some music I just REALLY hate that’s out there right now. For example

If you have’t heard this song…well good for you. If you have…Well I’m silently judging you. Now let me explain myself

Cheating… “Hypothetically”

I feel like almost every song out there today has to do with love…or something along the lines of love. This song…makes me so angry because this is about a man going to a bar and having a few drinks. Nothing wrong with that right? Well the first freaking verse he says that there are a bunch of hot women around and one woman comes up to him and he acknowledges that she’s hot… Sure some people may argue he’s still staying faithful…Until he says, “And if I stay I might not leave alone.” Yeah he’s being loyal out of guilt! Not because he loves his significant other. He straight up says “And you’ve got that ass…” Like what the actual fuck!?

Ok hear me out ladies, if your man was singing something like this…wouldn’t you be the slightest concern? Like, he is oogling at another woman and THINKS about going home with her if he were to stay for another drink, but comes up with the excuse, “oh I have a girl at home. I can’t”

Um, how about not even checking other women out in the first place? Why are you going to sketchy ass bars alone? Where is your woman if you “LOVE” her so much?!

Yes he denies this woman’s offer but he still THOUGHT ABOUT IT! Are relationships not pure anymore? Are they not sacred and meaningful? This song is so infuriating!

Then there is this song.

Emotional Manipulation and Abuse

You can actually read this song yourself and see that this song is riddled with emotional manipulation and abuse. So the singer starts off that her heart isn’t in the relationship anymore but she feels bad for her significant other that she unwillingly stays in the relationship. She is strong about her feelings that “you can’t change me” but sticks around for the sake of her S.O.

I’m torn about this because then later in the song she states that her S.O. is “pushing her away” but she “always stays.” I feel like she’s lost her stance in the relationship and is now manipulated into think she NEEDS her S.O.

The last lines are “oh why do I stay?” Perfect example of manipulation of power. I have been in these kinds of relationships and know EXACTLY how it feels to think you have the upper hand and power. But then the tables are slowly turned against you and you feel dependent on the person you once thought needed you.

So that’s why I hate this song.

Sorry for the rant. Do you have any songs that just make you see red? A song that you have not idea how it got so popular? Let me know!

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