Surprise Dinner Date

I feel like we are moving into a new world filled with various ideologies and mannerism. Gone are the days where men solely pursue women. Women are becoming more vocal about what they want and show different ways of appreciation and gratitude. This isn’t a lesson on feminism but this is what I feel feminism means to me.

Saturday I surprised Ryan with a dinner to a fancy Italian restaurant, Tutti Mangia. I planned it about a month ago without his knowledge. I did end up telling him we had plans Saturday evening but he was completely surprised as to what the surprise was! He told me that he thought I was taking him to a play or ballet. (Which I am totally going to do now I know he would be ok with that!) But this was not even close to what he thought we were doing. Tutti Mangia…let’s just say this place has $50 steaks. Its very nice but we ended up stuffing our bellies with shrimp and scallop pasta.

I just want to say that just because old fashion views may have an influence on your ideology about sex roles, doesn’t mean you have to follow them. Yes usually men take their dates out to dinner. But Ryan and I have come a long way from that and I love him  just as much to treat him to a nice dinner. To show I appreciate him.

If you love your man, treat him! If you love your partner, treat them! It takes two to tango. Put into a relationship which you seek to receive. That’s one of the basics of the Law of Attraction. If you wish to receive love, you have to give love. And chocolate cake too!


Dress: Kohl’s | Cardigan: Target | Necklace: DIY-ed | Double Buckle Belt: Etsy | Flats: ModCloth




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