Mom Jean Fad

Well hello! If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you probably saw me with two giant bags of second hand clothes from this new thrift store I was introduced to. Ryan’s sister and I spent all Sunday together and went a little thrift shop crazy! The picture on my social media is a bit misleading… I had another 3 bags of clothes in my car from other thrift stores we went to that day… can we say Thrift-a-holic!

Now there is this new trend…well it may have been around for a minute and I may be a little late. But it took me a little while to actually start liking the trend…Mom Jeans.
Like I said, its taken me a while to hop on this “retro” mom-wagon. I have a bit more junk in my trunk than Luanna (shown in pic. 2) and I didn’t think I could pull the look off. But you know what?? Life is too short to worry about what you look like to other people, if you feel comfortable in what you wear than rock it!

The Hunt

So finding mom jeans can either be easy as  $100 pie or as tedious as poppin some tags. Now what I mean by this is; mom jeans are big right now and most name brand stores that are “hip” sell modern mom jeans or have (what they call) vintage jeans. IE: American Apparel, J.Galt, Brandy Melville, PacSun, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, ModCloth, ASOS….etc…

Now if you want to cut out the hassle of jumping from thrift shop to thrift shop, then by all means splurge on $50-$100 jeans. But this frugal fighter will not have that! I planned on THRIFTING my mom jeans!

With Ryan’s sister by my side, the hunt was on! She loves thrifting just as much as I do and she has a great eye when it comes to spotting name brands in the chaos of old pungent smelling second-hand clothing. We covered twice as much ground with each store we went to.


First we went to DeeLux and if you’re an avid follower, you know it’s a “fancy” thrift store. I ended up finding 2 pairs of mom jeans for about $30 total. They need a little T.L.C (sewing the legs a bit slimmer) But I can always trust DeeLux to have good quality garments. Yes it was a bit more than I wanted to spend for thrifting but sometimes you have to choose your battles.

Veteran’s Thrift Store

Now this place was a gold mine! Lets just skip to the good part and tell you I found 5 pairs of pants here! Yes I tried on about 20 different jeans, but sometimes that’s a sacrifice you have to make. Ryan’s sister was enthusiastic about the trip even if we literally spent 5 hours shopping on empty stomachs. We were having way too much fun.

But anyway, I found 2 pairs of mid/high waist mom jeans, 1 pair of “boyfriend” jeans, 1 pair of blush-pink jeans, and 1 pair of normal ankle jeans. So basically I scored right? I also found other stuff but I’ll save that for another TST!

Surprisingly, the mom jeans I found at Veterans were in less need of altering so I think I will just wear them as is!

Get to the point

Fashion trends go in and out of style ALL THE TIME. Life is too short to waste your time internally criticizing and judging whether you can pull something off. Try it! If you don’t want to fully commit to $50 jeans then thrift that shit! I think in total I did end up spending $100 on jeans…but for 7 pairs…not just one! Thrifting is a great way to get more bang for your buck! And if you’re really good and get something under $5, once the trend goes out of style you won’t have buyers remorse!

Have fun with your style! No one says you have to stick to one look. I mean, I consider myself “alternative” but I’m branching out into the world of color and popular trends. Its fun! Check out this slide show for more inspo: StyleCaster

Also be sure to follow me on Pinterest for style inspo and other fun pinny stuff!



3 thoughts on “Mom Jean Fad

  1. […] Another one from Veterans Thrift Store. Most of September I had been rocking mom jeans. I know I’m a bit late to the party but they are so flattering (if you get the right ones) and comfortable! I usually wear mom jeans with a plain white or black tee, going for a retro 50’s greaser look. Tie a neck scarf around your neck and viola! If you want to know  bit more about mom jeans, you can check out my previous post here […]


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