Getting Goth-y with it!

The items shown were given to me by RocksBox along with the affiliate code nickiteaxoxo. Which you may use at your discretion. 









Sheer Blouse: Papaya Clothing | High Waist Jeggings: GS-Love | Platforms: H&M | Sunnies: DeeLux

Please excuse my title, it was supposed to be a play on words with the Will Smith song “Getting’ Jiggy with it” I know, I’m a total nerd…

I am pleased to announce that RocksBox has extended my affiliate code for all my readers to use! If you use my code: nickiteaxoxo at checkout, you will receive 1 free month of jewelry! And that means you can switch your box as many times you want in that 1 month! So if you’re like me and like lots of options, then you can send in your box every week or even a few days! And shipping is fast! After I send my box back to Rocksbox, my next one is delivered in 3 days tops!

*Quick side note, I don’t wear earrings because of my old emo-stretched-my-ear-lobe days. So when I filled out my personality quiz, I chose the option “I don’t wear earrings” Oh well, you live and learn.*

And if you all know me, then you know how much I love Autumn and Halloween. So, the very instance I feel the breeze of the Autumn season roll through…you best believe that I am blowing off the dust off my black goth attire.

The blouse I am wearing did not originally have the studs on the collar, I DIY-ed that my oh-so-crafty-self! But with these types of blouses, ones that are kind of meant to be buttoned all the way up, need some “flare.” This Jenny Bird punk choker was the perfect accessory to tie my whole goth look together and give the collar that extra punk feel. As for the hand bracelet, it gave the look a more whimsical, slightly industrial feel. I have never worn a hand bracelet before so I had a lot of fun rocking this with this particular look as well as some other un-blogged looks.

After each box you style, you are able to leave your stylist feedback on each piece in your box’s collection. That way for your next box, you can know that your stylist will better understand your style and you can be sure you will be getting jewelry that you’ll LOVE! As mention in my previous post Designer Jewelry on Loan, I do have an affiliate code with RocksBox. This code gets you your first month (yes a month!) of designer jewelry absolutely free! You can exchange your box as many times as you’d like within the month and if you decide you love the subscription, its as easy as signing up for $20 a month! Not $20 for each box you receive…$20 for a WHOLE MONTH!



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