August Favorites

august faves
Its almost fall! Who else is excited as I am! Ok I know I’m celebrating early but I’m over the Cali heat.

Knope for President!

Ryan and I are a little late to the parks parade…like a year late. But thank god for Netflix! My stepdad told me I should really watch this show one day and finally, after running out of things to watch (I’m an avid Netflix binger) I watched it and I fell in love instantly! This show has dry humor I just love, especially all the stuff that comes out of Ron Swanson’s and April Ludgate’s mouth. Really every character has something about them I love. The show is full of humor and a storyline that’s not dramatic like most tv shows. Its just a fun time and light hearted with some lessons thrown in there for good measure. Check it out on Netflix!

Pokémon Pocket Juice

OK, I may or may not have gotten this because of Pokémon GO….Well lately not. Sometimes I use my phone too much and then go somewhere and forget to charge it. Like the day I went 5 hours thrift shopping. Yeah this charger came in handy. Its a bit big, almost the size of another phone (heavy ass nokia or something) but it can charge my phone 2 times from about 20% before the charger itself needs charging. Don’t know if that helps. It takes about an hour or so to charge completely. This one in particular has 2 outputs so I could charge 2 phones at once if need be. Which is really helpful because I cant recall many instances that both Ryan and I are at 10% and frantically trying to save battery. There are a bunch of brands but this one has worked great so far, at Nordstrom’s Rack it was a steal at $20

Fashion Ninja Keychain

To piggyback off the pocket charger, I also got this from Nordstrom Rack. So lets say you are in a pinch and are rushing to get to work or leave for a date…aaaand you forget to charge your phone….AND forgot to grab your charger! OMG! Well this little gem is a mini charger that is concealed as a keychain. So rather than carrying an ugly white 3 foot cord around, you have a portable charger and know one will be the wiser. I really like this keychain because its fashionable AND functional. I used to have a faux rabbit foot as a key chain but it broke so as I was looking for a new one, I’m grateful I came across this! There are different brands and colors…unfortunately after I bought this gold one, Ryan found a black one on Amazon…F.M.L. But whatever. This will do just fine.

Pumpkin Smells

Yes, Glade has already launched their fall smelly smells that I am just drooling over! You can say I am a basic white girl but I don’t even like PSLs. They are actually really gross. (against my Halloweeny self I love Christmas Gingerbread Lattes!) But when it comes to scents and smells, pumpkin wins across the board! Well with cinnamon and spice a close second. But I literally fangirled in the middle of Target when I saw that Glade already launched fall candles and air fresheners. I HAD to get one. It was a hard decision since I’m between houses while me and Ryan go house hunting. (SPOILER!) But Ryan, being the amazing boyfriend he is, let me buy an air freshner and leave it in his room. Now everyday after I get home from aerial it smells like October! This one I bought is very subtle and doesn’t smack you in the face like most pumpkin spice smells do. So if youre in denial about it already being October, than totally buy this!

Lets just say its Pre-Pre-October, September is Pre-October, October, November is October 2.0, and Nightmare before Christmas-October (December of course) Lets make that trend!


There is a little back story to this. Ryan’s sister was telling me that one day a lady came into her store (she works retail) And asked where their “Shipa Jikets” were. The lady had said it so fast and it didn’t register in Ryan’s sisters head. The lady repeated herself another 5 times and she was still confused to what this lady was talking about. Turns out denim jackets with fuzzy lining is called a SHERPA JACKET. She was so mortified and when she told me the story, I was confused as well. “Sherpa what?” Anyway, I found this majestic unicorn Sherpa jacket at DeeLux (duh) for $15! Best part is, is wasn’t super baggy and oversized since most Sherpa’s are men’s. This jacket fits me like a latex glove!!! Ok maybe not latex…but its perfect! I am thinking about sprucing it up with some patches but for now…I’m going to pout as it hangs in the closet because California is still pushing 100°f! UGH! Let it be WINTER! No I take that back, LET IT BE COLD AS ELSA’S BUTTHOLE Autumn 🙂

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