#OOTD Remixing my wardrobe

Another day, another outfit! Yet this time I’m bringing you my first ever REMIXED outfit!









Graphic Tee: Look Human | Jeans: Thrifted (Forever 21) | High-tops: Kohl’s | Flannel: Thrifted | Sunnies: DeeLux | Wand Holster: Etsy!

For this #OOTD I decided to utilize my wardrobe and come up with a new outfit from things I have already shown you. This outfit has my previous posted UFC 202 boyfriend jeans, and my shirt from Wizarding World of Awesome post. Let me tell you, Pinterest has some of the best pins for outfit inspiration! Like I have mentioned, I am trying new outfit combinations with items I never thought to wear.  I wanted to go for your typical “Back to school” outfit but of course since I’m 22 I’m not really going back to school. Instead I get to hangout at Universal while all you high schoolers spend your days learning about the stupid pythagorean theorem. (Yes I strongly believe math is pointless and you should be learning about mortgages, finances, or just simply balancing checkbooks!)

Sorry to vent, but I am so glad I am not in school anymore. But to keep with tradition, that’s the look I went for. Your typical 90’s flannel tied around everyone’s waist, comfy Chuck Taylor’s, and simple graphic tee. (I actually tied everything around my waist as a kid, but it was for functionality and convenience, not appearance and fashion.) However I do want to point out my freaking WAND HOLSTER! So as soon as the first time I went to Universal Hollywood’s Harry Potter world and got myself a wand, I have been looking for a way to store it on myself so I don’t have to hold it all day or shove it in my backpack. So naturally, I checked out Etsy! I found this simple belt holster for only $17! I believe this is meant for Larping and Role Playing games but it works perfectly for an Olivander’s wand! I got a lot of compliments on this holster and it comes in handy since I like taking pictures while at Universal. Or just drinking a butter beer…or a real beer! Etsy also has other style holsters, like one that straps to your thigh, or one that looks more like a gun holster, and some that you can strap to your arm. I love Etsy! So If you’re in the market for a wand holster, check out your local muggle Etsy store for exactly what you need!

*Shout-out to the girl in the pink tank top totally dissing on me and Beetlejuice’s steamy make-out session!*

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