*LATE* September Favorites

So sorry for the late post! I have been super busy the last 2 weekends and totally forgot to publish this! It was a small favorites list this month but as October begins, I’m already marking up my favorites!

EcoThrift Store

Now EcoThrift is like the company that owns some of what I call “mom and pop shops.” In this case it’s Veteran’s Thrift Store in Pomona. (If you’re a Southern California local you know P-town) But anyway, this thrift store has had nothing but great finds and deals! I kid you not, EVERY TIME I’ve gone here, even if I’m not trying to find something in particular, I always find AWESOME pieces! They always have sales! (like GoodWill they have color coded sales but they range from 25%, 50%, and even 75% OFF!) I found that this store carries a lot of fancy brand name clothes. Like its actually surprising how many Loft pieces I found, Forever 21 and Brandy Melville…And a ton of Nordstrom Brands I don’t know (But Ryan’s sister knows about) This place has been my holy grail of black clothing for the month of October “All Black” challenge I’m doing. If you are in the area, definitely check it out! I’d say try to go early in the morning preferably Monday-Wednesday (less busy)

Adjustable Belt

Ok so most belts are adjustable…I get that. But this belt…THIS belt I actually found at Veterans Thrift Store and it has changed my life! It’s simple enough and at first I though it wasn’t going to fit me. (I wanted it for a high waist belt) but lo’ and behold, it has this feature, if you pull the belt apart it gets bigger! so you can wear it lower on your waist. Or you can push it together to make it smaller! You know those friend ship bracelets you’d make at camp that just slipped on and you’d pull the strings to tighten it? Yeah same technology! Usually I buy belts that I can ONLY wear with certain high waist bottoms because either there too small to go lower or too big to go higher. But this giver you the option to wear it both high and low on your torso!

Mom Jeans

Another one from Veterans Thrift Store. Most of September I had been rocking mom jeans. I know I’m a bit late to the party but they are so flattering (if you get the right ones) and comfortable! I usually wear mom jeans with a plain white or black tee, going for a retro 50’s greaser look. Tie a neck scarf around your neck and viola! If you want to know  bit more about mom jeans, you can check out my previous post here

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