*LATE* October Favorites

Jeez I need to start keeping track of when the months are coming to an end! But time has been flying lately! I’m sorry for being late once again with my favorites. Please forgive me!

Best Black Lipstick

I finally took the plunge and invested in a black liquid lipstick! Now if you know NYX’s lip suede, you’ll know that it’s not overly drying. It still keeps some moisture and velvetiness, so you don’t get the dreaded butt-hole lip! I’m glad NYX expanded this line of liquid lipsticks, they had a good variety before with dark plums and reds. But with October (now come and gone) I wanted to channel my inner goth and get a straight up BLACK lipstick…without breaking the bank. Now I will say this lipstick, though very black, has some greenish/blue undertones. Ryan of all people noticed that, but it isn’t that bad.

Bangs with no strings attached

Lately I have been obsessed with blunt bangs and full fringes. I have had bangs in the past when my hair was a bit long than it is now. But unfortunately, my hair is thin and fine and most of the bang beauties I look up to for inspiration have thick and full hair which makes their fringe look so badass! I wasn’t blessed with that fullness. So I did the next best thing to just hacking away my hair. I bought clip in bangs! I bought mine from QVC and they match perfectly to my hair. Now they do look a bit fake at the top but if I curl my hair or wear a headband you wouldn’t even tell! If you’re looking for a change but are afraid of commitment, clip in bangs are the way to go! Just make sure you look at reference pictures to get your shade correct!

Wigging Out

So I have thrown myself into the world of wigs and I absolutely love it! These two wigs I got from WigIsFashion. The first one I bought was the black and then the witchy purple/grey one. I’ve been sporting them on and off social media. I used to dye my hair ALL THE TIME but since my pixie cut I have stopped. A whole 2 years without dyeing my hair! But I missed the fun colors so I decided to invest in some wigs! These were both $70 bucks which isn’t that bad. I haven’t had any problems with them other than the part looking unnatural. So I only wear them if I am also wearing a beanie, hat, or a headpiece. I love mixing up my look with my wigs now. It can really give a whole new sense to your look and bring it all together. Having the option to go from short brown bob to waist length grey hair is so much fun! So versatile!

The Red wig is from EvaHair and this one cost me $60. This wig….THIS wig…is LIFE! This is my absolute FAVORITE wig out of the 3 (well 4 if you include the bangs) I love how its not too long and has a full ass fringe! It looks the most natural and I don’t have to wear a hat with it at all! I did have to cut the bangs just a bit but I like that they were longer than I needed so I had the option to keep them and style them side swept or (what I ended up doing) going full statement fringe!

Conspiracy Film Theories?

The Film Theorists is a channel on YouTube that I have not been able to STOP watching! I love learning about things and hearing peoples thoughts about conspiracy theories about different things. TFT’s channel breaks down films (from 50 shades of Grey to Zootopia) and dissects possible “hidden meanings” of each film. These theories range from how to kill a non-killable superhero, or how a movie is glorifying cult initiation, and can you really grow potatoes with your own poop! It’s a really awesome channel and there is so much science to back it up as well as a very charismatic host that makes the 10-15 minute videos seem to fly by and pack your noggin with knowledge! It’s quite entertaining, so if you are bored one day and wanna obsess over hidden meanings behind seemingly meaningless movies…well give it a watch!



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