Thank you to mintMONGOOSE for sending me the items shown. Links and affiliate codes can be used at your discretion.










I am excited to be announcing the brand new company mintMONGOOSE! Another jewelry subscription box company, you can have adorable dainty jewelry sent straight to you for as little as $12 a month!

This mom-owned subscription box company sends out 3 adorable jewelry items to its subscribers every month, in adorable dainty packaging to match the pieces enclosed. All topped off with a one-of-a-kind wax seal leaving every month’s unboxing feeling more like an experience rather than a $12 purchase! You read that right! This small but growing business sends out 3 adorable jewelry items, straight to your door for just $12 plus shipping. Such a steal and with their many subscriber-exclusive giveaways they host through Instagram, being a subscriber offers a sense of community often hard to grasp in online businesses

As much as I enjoy big statement pieces to “glamify” a look, I also love small and dainty jewels that whisper rather than shout. And if you’re anything like me and enjoy even the little surprises in life, you will definitely enjoy this monthly box. It’s like a Christmas present every month.. to yourself! In the great words of Donna Meagle (Parks and Rec) TREAT YO’ SELF! And the best part of this subscription box, you get to KEEP these items!

Outfit Details

Jewelry provided by mintMONGOOSE

Outfit 1:
Sweater: Thrifted | Chambray Top: Kohl’s | Black Skinnies: Nordstrom Rack
Oxfords: Forever 21 | Purse: DeeLux

Outfit 2:
Striped Long Sleeve: Aeropostale | Shorts/Tights/Shoes: Forever 21 | Fluffy Keychain: Brandy Melville


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