November Favorites

Yay! I’m on time with my favorites! I actually used that cool feature on my iPhone that leafs you set reminders, yeah that things really comes in handy. Especially if you are OCD like me and hate having notifications on your lock screen.

Many of you may know that I have been slowly changing my outlook on life. I have been practicing Law of Attraction, eastern spirituality, and just plain happiness. I couldn’t have started this journey without the help with my amazing teacher Nichoel Ann. She has helped me through some deeply buried problems I had been hiding away for so long. She has taught me to fully allow myself to be happy and to come to terms with my past. we have been working together for several weeks and not one day goes by that I am not grateful for meeting her and allowing her into my life to better myself as a human. If you are struggling with your happiness, I recommend seeking her help. She is a wonderful life coach.

Mala Beads

If you don’t know what mala beads are, they are basically a method of tracking how many “prayers” or “mantras” you have completed. When you want to meditate, you can use the beads to keep count of each mantra or affirmation in your mind. As you go around the entirety of the beads, you have completed 108 “prayers.” And for me, I feel like it really sets in when I have completed a entire 108 bead necklace. It’s like it has been engrained into my mind and I have allowed myself to believe in completely. Since it’s a aid to meditation, it can help those who may truffle to focus while meditating. Which I do from time to time. So having something tangible helps me directly focus on whats in my hands and concentrate on my affirmations I am practicing. These are from a shop off Etsy. The beads are amethyst and rose quartz. They were a pretty penny but, I believe crystals call to you, and when I bought this mall bead necklace, I was in desperate need of amethyst and rose quartz in my life.

Purchase them here.

DIY Cushion Foundation

So of course United States are far behind when it comes to skincare and makeup. Korea is always coming up with the latest trends in makeup and the cushion foundation is no exception. As an American, I have no idea how long cushions have been a thing, but its fairly new to the U.S. I bought L’Oreal’s true match cushion foundation as my first try at cushion…No Bueno. The formula is very oily and not suitable for me, and the colors I tried were very off (like super orange tinted). So I found a “do-it-yourself” cushion foundation kit on Amazon, and thought I could make my own. I mixed some of my favorite moisturizer and serums along with my correct color foundation, and viola! DIY cushion foundation! This first one I made is a bit darker for my skin right now, I have been getting whiter by the second this fall, so I will be making another one that’s lighter for the winter time.

Similar item here

Twiggy Sunnies

I got super lucky finding these beauties! Ryan and I took a trip to Nordstrom Rack to find him some new shoes. I wasn’t really looking for anything but still decided to take a look around the store. And these babies were calling my name! They stood out like a fashionable sore thumb! They are so retro looking and huge, I just love them! They are by the company WildFox…which I honestly had no idea existed. But apparently these are pretty expensive brand sunglasses. The tag said “originally $179” but with a background of mall store knowledge, sometimes stores “say” that to make people think they are getting a good deal. So I got these babies at a “steal” at $9.00. When I got back home, I decided to look this brand up…yeah they are one hella expensive brand for this frugal shopper! But I still got them at a fraction of the price! So I win no matter what! However I think these may be a discontinued style of the Twiggy’s. Everywhere I looked, there weren’t any similar styles. They are all mostly solid colors, not like these that are transparent.

Similar color here


Yup, it’s that time of year again…the time where I get a new planner! YAY! Ok, I know it may not be as exciting as going on a vacation or something. However, with my blog growing so fast, the OCD in me is getting out of hand! I need to plan every little detail when it comes to my blog and even my personal life. This planner size is bigger than my pocket planner…and for good reason! I am writing out every detail I can and with a pocket planner, I just don’t have enough room. With this planner, I have enough room to section each day of the week into 2 columns. One for personal plans, events, and things. And the second column, blog and work related stuff. I really love the color as well because the color plus the larger size, makes it SO much easier to find in my extension charmed purse! (Harry Potter reference!)  My dark purple pocket planner is ALWAYS gets lost, so I figured the lighter color will be pretty and easy to find. I am already planning things for 2017 and getting this while still in 2016 is a no brainer. I have tons of exciting plans for next year so stay tuned for that!

Purchase here

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