Pajama Party!

I have a question. Does anyone else have a special holiday tradition? Does anyone cook the same thing every year for Christmas dinner? Or does your family go camping for the holidsays? Well my family has a small tradition, but a special one none-the-less. My family’s tradition is getting to open one present on Christmas Eve night. As a kid I enjoyed this so much because I always felt like I was special for getting a present one day early than the rest of the world. (I was an only child till about 14) So yeah, I though I was hot stuff! Well, as it turns out, it was always pajamas. Now most people (or kids) would think that is the LAMEST pre-Christmas present EVER! But hear me out. Me and my family would all get new pajamas and then wear them that night! New pajamas to sleep in for Christmas! And then when Christmas morning came, we had strapping new pajamas to sport in all the opening presents pictures!

I know it doesn’t seem like much, especially now with kids wanting toys or even electronics. I miss those times with my family. That tradition had a slight falling out the past few years. But I am making it my mission to bring it back with my family. (Ryan and I) And what better way to start than to get a wish list going? Maybe Ryan will see this and get the hint 😉 I am really loving Adore Me’s sleepwear section sleepwear section especially! Many comfy and cute styles to choose from!

Shop my Pajama Party

Purple Romper

Matching Black Pajamas

Foxy Pajama Pants

Snowflake Tank and Shorts

Grey Pajama Set



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