Beauty secrets for travel lovers


You don’t have to give up the attractiveness and beauty if you love traveling. Regardless of whether you are flying at 30,000 feet, going on a long distance train ride, or traveling for a short holiday, you can still beat the stress and look good. As we all want to look fabulous, vital beauty tips gleaned from the advice and recommendations of beauty experts and travel enthusiasts are always welcomed. Here are some that should be taken into account:

Moisturise Before You Set Out



The night before you catch your flight, put an intense moisturiser all over your body. Take a shower, then mix a tablespoon of honey with tablespoon of olive oil and fine brown sugar. Apply this mixture on your skin with light circular motions. After about 5 minutes, take another shower and put on your favourite skin moisturiser. A good option is coconut oil. This simple procedure will offer you adequate skin protection, increase the water content in your skin and drastically reduce the effects of the dry air and cabin pressure in the airplane.

Set Your Foundation on a Primer



On the day of your trip, you should avoid applying foundation directly on your face. If you must wear makeup on the plane, make sure you put a primer on your face first. You may use a cream or liquid with a silicone base. This will place a nice layer of protection between your skin and your makeup. Your will discover that your blush and foundation will stay longer and your facial skin will not be dehydrated. When you add your foundation, make it lighter than usual. You may also do without the foundation; a tinted moisturiser is a good option to substitute a heavy foundation.

Take the Grease Out With Dry Shampoo

Greasy hair is a common problem when you travel. The time it takes to wash it can also be a pain. It is not uncommon to spend up to 40 minutes to get all the grease out and dry your hair. That is why you should pick up a bottle of dry shampoo that can clean your hair quickly and deodorise it at the same time. Many brands now come in various shades that will blend nicely with the colour of your hair. They are already packed in tiny, travel-friendly containers.

Wear Your Fragrance, Don’t Spray It

You can save space and enjoy longer lasting aroma by taking your fragrance in form of jewellery. Instead of the conventional perfume bottle, use trendy perfume jewellery. They come in form of stackable beaded bracelets in a nicely designed casing. The fragrance outlasts most rollerball or spray on perfumes. If you want more concentrated scent, all you need to do is to open the pendant and put in few additional wooden beads. With the ingenious design, you don’t have to worry about any perfume bottle that can break in your bag.

Give Your Nails a Crisp Natural Look



To keep your nails looking clean, crisp and attractive during your trip, you should avoid using brightly coloured nail paint. Most coloured nail polish chips off quickly, and makes your nails look untidy. It is better to buff and polish your nails to give them a natural sheen. If you must put on nail polish, use a neutral colour that will not look ugly if it chips off. A nail buffer and a file are your best friend when you want to make your nails look shiny while traveling.

Leave Your Lipstick, Use Lip Stain

If you want to give your lips a colour that will last throughout your trip, avoid those long-lasting lipsticks. They may stay on your lips for the whole day, but they will parch and dehydrate your mouth. Rather, you should use as many coats of lip stain as you want to give your lips the desired colour. Additionally, you can place a layer of clear gloss on top. You may retouch the lip gloss as many times as you want to refresh your lips.


It is important to realize that it is not that hard to  keep your hair, face and skin in top condition when you are on a trip. Decide on beauty rituals that are not extensively time consuming, and make sure to follow them regularly. Also, take enough rest and eat whole foods. That will provide important nutrients for your skin and hair.

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