Wiggy Wednesday #2

img_5004 img_5039 img_5028

So this is the second synthetic wig I bought. I got it from WigIsFashion.com (same as my black wig) And as much as I wish to love it… I think this is the wig I like the least. This wig is almost too long and just looks a bit stringy. There is no body like my black one. I think it would look good in Wednesday Adam braids, for some kind of Khaleesi hair style. But otherwise, this wig is, in my personal opinion, lifeless.



  • Nice pastel fashion color
  • Thick density
  • Long length
  • Multiple combs and adjustable straps
  • 150°C heat resistant or 300°F


  • Long and stringy (no bounce, no layers)
  • Small parting space (even though its a lace front, recent wigs I’ve gotten have a deeper part and look more natural)
  • Middle part (just a preference, I’m not a big fan of middle parts or “pushed back” parts)
  • Tangles (though this is common with long wigs around the nape of the neck)
  • Expensive (I have recently purchased wigs that cost a 1/3 of the price of this one)
  • Needs extra hairline plucking (not everyone’s hairline is so full)
  • SYNTHETIC (may look too wiggy for some people)

Where to buy

WigIsFashion.com (sold out as of now)

Final Thoughts

So I had a hard time making this part look realistic. Like a REALLY hard time. I shifted the part to a slight side part to help with the unnatural look it has. I still would probably only wear this wig with a hat. This was my first “fashion color” wig and since purchasing this one, I have learned what kind of grey works with my skin tone. I have seen some people pull this wig off beautifully, but for me… kind of a case of buyers remorse. But don’t let my opinion sway you, if you feel like you can rock it then by all means ROCK IT!


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