Wiggy Wednesday #3

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  • Realistic looking!
  • Very Dense!
  • No lace, full cap
  • Multiple combs and adjustable straps
  • 150°C heat resistant or 300°F


  • Tangles very easily
  • Expensive!! (Shorter length, for the same price as my 26″ wigs!)
  • Needed to be cut (bangs came SUPER long but I got to customize the look)

Where to buy


Final Thoughts

I personally love the look of bang wigs. They look the most natural on anyone especially if you have a larger forehead and middle parts seem to look a little funny. (like on me!) I did have to cut the bangs on this wig because they came super long out of the box, but that can be good and bad. I got to customize it, which I like because I made them into a statement fringe. But I know some people want them to be “out-of-the-box-ready-to-wear” So there is a little warning for you. I do also notice that this wig tangles really easily so I bring a mini brush with me to comb out the tangles throughout the time I wear it, to avoid a rats nest at the end of the day! I will note, EvaHair is hella expensive!*

*I have been investigating and some of the wigs on their website (as well as other expensive websites) and I was able to find them on amazon for 1/3 of the price. I plan to buy a wig off amazon to do a review and see how they hold up.


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