Wiggy Wednesday: Miss Hermione Granger



  • The most realistic looking!
  • Cheap! Under $20.00! (price varies depending on where you get it from)
  • Big head friendly
  • No lace, full cap
  • Multiple combs and adjustable straps
  • 150°C heat resistant or 300°F
  • Comes in a nice container (unlike my fashion wigs which their packaging was less than satisfactory)


  • Big head friendly (had to sew the cap smaller since I have a petite head)
  • Needed to be cut (bangs came a little bit long but I got to customize the look)
  • Less dense, in some cases tracks can be seen

Where to buy


Final Thoughts

I dub this wig my Hermione Granger wig! It’s not as frizzy as it should be but I totally plan to rock this wig with a Hogwarts uniform this Halloween!

So this is one of the first wigs I bought that were not expensive “fashion wigs.”  I was skeptical at first, buying such a cheap wig. But I think that’s what makes the “fashion wig” sellers thrive. People are more drawn to expensive “better quality” wigs that have a big following on social media. But I found that these cheaper wigs are just as good, sometimes better than the expensive wigs! I will say that you need to still be wary because the density of these cheaper wigs is a lot less than the $70-$100 front laces. However this wig has not let me down. I did have to sew the cap smaller which helped conceal the tracks that could have possibly been visible. But really, I love this wig. It is the most natural wig I own! If you are looking for a natural wig to just subtly change around your look, I think this would be the perfect first timer wig!




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