Talk about Tattoos

Sooo…I did a thing. I’m sure you have all seen my arm, chest, and possibly stomach. I’m pretty “tatted” up. Well it’s been over a year since my last tattoo and I think I mentioned before how I have been itching for some new ink? Well this is a pretty unconventional way to scratch that itch.

I got my eyebrows microbladed! YUP! It’s a big trend right now with the demand of full looking brows but lacking the motivation to actually fill them in everyday. I am guilty of being one of those lazy make-up lovers that sometimes just want to cut out an extra step. That one extra step is m eyebrows. So I have patiently waited for this trend to improve on quality. Some microblading a few years ago were so shotty and bad that eyebrows everywhere looked like sharpie Nike logos. When one artist I have been following had broaden their experience, I finally made the decision to get my eyebrows “tattooed”

I have always had weird eyebrows. Yes I was a victim to over plucking. But even now after putting down the tweezers, my eyebrows still look like little sperm. I will say I have more hair than some people that get their eyebrows done. However I do not like the shape of my natural brows. So, for Christmas I asked my family for the funds to get my eyebrows done. Which was a big deal for me since every other kind of tattoo I have got I paid with my own money. $700 later, I got my perfect dream brows!

Overall the procedure was painless. The first 30 minutes was spent drawing up my new brows, making sure they are exactly as I want them, as well as what color I prefer them to be, the other was actual tattoo time. Roxanne is a brow genius, she looked at my brows and knew exactly how I wanted them done just by their natural shape. Then as far as the microblading, she numbed my eyebrows with one kind of numbing cream, began making the first “cat scratches” to open up the skin, which wasn’t very painful just uncomfortable. Then another numbing cream to completely numb the crap out of my eyebrows so I felt absolutely 100% no pain. The only thing that was unnerving was the sound of my skin being cut open…since it’s on your face, you can hear that shit! So we were in there at 12:30, out by 2:00. Roxanne was wonderful and actually saw me sooner than my appointment time. Which left me and Ryan enough time to hit Universal Studios! (only 1 mile form the salon I got my eyebrows done at)


Check out Roxanne’s Instagram Page!

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