I wear your GrandDAD’s clothes

So along with Zoe Kazan and her quirky Zooey Deschanel style, I have also been in love with the “Grandpa Chic” look as well.
Oversized tapered trousers, small cinched waist belt, and fun thrifted tops. Its like a thrift shoppers best case scenario! Do you know how many thrift stores have old men’s trousers, button ups, graphic tees, and belts?! Like every single one, GUARANTEED! The only issue I have had was narrowing down 20 pants to like 3…to not get carried away and crowd my closet lol.

Some tips for finding the perfect high waist trousers


Bring a mini measuring tape. You can find them at the dollar store that are retractable. This will help you find the RISE of pants. Basically you measure from the crotch seam of the pant, then measure it to the waist band. If you’re average height (5’4″-5’8″) a 10 inch to 12+ inch rise will be high-waisted. Adjust if you are shorter or taller.

Know your measurements! If you know your measurements, you can easily take your measuring tape and measure the waist and hips of a pair of pants (then double it to get the circumference) to see if you’ll fit in them. Rather than trying on a bunch that wont fit you, you can save time and just try on the pants you know SHOULD fit you.

Wear Shorts! I know if it’s cold this will be uncomfortable, but if your thrift store doesn’t have fitting rooms or its a crowded day, wear shorts so you can easily slip the pants on over top your shorts! OR better yet wear leggings!

Wear a cute top! If your not sure how the trousers would look with something you have at home, bring it! well wear it. If you have a lot of cute button ups, wear one so you can get an idea how’d it would look like. If you plan to wear fun graphic tees, wear it! Seeing in reality is a better option than just trying to envision what they would look like with your wardrobe at home.

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