January 2017 Favorites

So this month is a mix of my favorites and “what I got for my birthday” I got a lot of presents that I truly needed and wanted. I am all about presents that are functional and have a purpose.


So those of you may already know that I got my eyebrows tattooed the beginning of January. And so far I LOVE them! They have mostly healed from the initial peeling/scabbing phase. Usually there is fall out with the ink, which is totally normal. I have experienced a little fall out but from “virgin” eyebrows to what I have now, still MUCH fuller! I only lightly fill in the lighter tattooed areas….like SUPER LIGHTLY! Which only takes me quite literally 2 seconds to fill. My next appointment is in March and that’s when my artist will go back with a darker color to make sure I have semi-permanent fleeky brows! If you are near Los Angeles or NYC, definitely check Roxanne out! She is so nice and knowledgeable, getting something done from her will be like visiting a best friend. She’s a great human being!

Pearly Whites

Ryan, the love of my life, knows me so well! I have wanted an electric toothbrush for over 2 years! I know some may think “A toothbrush…uhm…ok?” Like I said, I love presents that I can actually use! “Filler” presents are such a waste of money. I’d rather get something less than fabulous that I will use everyday than something I will never use and might even re-gift (which I have no problem with, re-use reduce recycle am I right?!) An electric toothbrush is one of those “big girl” purchases that you make as an independent adult that has their shit together in life. And Ryan was awesome enough to find a 2-pack for the BOTH of us! Yay for good oral hygiene!

Resistance Band

Here is another item that I really wanted. I am so committed to aerial, that it has gotten a little expensive for me to take so many classes. But I don’t want my strength and flexibility to suffer as I cut down on classes (as I am in the process of buying a house!) So this little guy will help me with my pull ups, strengthening and flexibility. This is one tension out of a set ranging from 2 pounds to 100+ pounds. I got the 25-80 pound tension to help me with my assisted pull-ups. I’m not strong enough yet to go full out on a pull-up bar, maybe 1-2 good ones then that’s it. The resistance band will help lighten up my body weight so my arms can go longer and really train! This is also a perfect tension for stretching and flexibility. I personally don’t like the super stretchy bands for stretching, I like more rigid bands so there is less stretch when I’m pulling on the band. And as far as strength training, this can easily be used for squats and tricep/bicep curls.


Apparently this was supposed to be a Christmas present but was switch at the last minute and then it was given to me about a month later, gotta love having a birthday so close to Christmas am I right?! Well I have used this baby almost every day since my birthday! I recently saw Passengers with Ryan and I was LIVING for Jennifer Lawrence’s hair! I love my straightener, which I bought myself about a year ago, but just before receiving this present I had just thought, “I think it may be time to get a curling iron, since my hair is getting longer and I am always using Ryan’s moms’ curling iron.” Then BAM, Ryan’s mom, dad, and sister surprised me with this beauty! Talk about Law of Attraction! The picture is not the exact one I got, mine is a limited edition color, gold barrel and a lavender handle. SO PRETTY! This makes curling hair so much faster, well in my opinion. I love that I don’t have to blow dry my hair perfectly to curl it like I usually do with my straightener ( so it’s smooth while going through it) I definitely got the J-Law hair down to a T now!

Tea Time

One for the new house! Well we haven’t gotten our house yet. But we have gotten preapproved so its hunting time! And even though finding a house is one of the most exciting adventures in one life, buying stuff FOR the new house is JUST AS FUN! My mom surprised me with this electric kettle! I know there a several methods to boiling water for tea or hand-drip coffee, but I like this method the best because nothing else goes in the kettle. Strictly water, and you don’t need to use a stove. It claims to heat up in 5 minutes, which is wonderful! I love having all things tea related and now I have my own tea kettle to put in my future house! I feel like such the adult! And after I make my cup of tea and Ryan’s coffee, I can use the boiling water to make our morning oatmeal! I hate microwaving my oatmeal and waiting for the water to boil, so this nifty gadget will work perfectly! Can’t wait to use it!


Another aerial/yoga related present! My grandma got me a yoga wheel for my birthday! I have wanted this for a few months now. I have a exceptionally bendy back, very flexible, but needs strengthening. This yoga wheel interested me for the back flexibility and core strengthening uses. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I’m super excited. There is an exercise that I do in my aerial yoga class that stretches and strengthens my back but I can’t do it at home because I don’t have an aerial hammock (yet) so I wanted to invest in more yoga props that will aid in achieving contortion status like I was in high school! My grandma probably saw my amazon wishlist and was like…”What the heck is that thing?” I can’t wait to use it, I plan to watch a bunch of videos and ask my aerial teachers if they know any cool stretches/exercises that utilize a yoga wheel!


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