Wiggy Wednesday: L.L. Cool GREY




  • Voluminous!
  • Very Dense!
  • Inexpensive!
  • Fun colors as well as natural colors.
  • Multiple combs and adjustable straps
  •  350°F – 400°F heat resistant


  • VERY short lace front.
  • Stiff lace/scratchy

Where to buy

Hair So Fly

Final Thoughts

This wig is probably my favorite wig OF ALL TIME! This wig is so much fun! It’s like having old granny hair but turning the sexiness up to 1000%! I got this wig because I was looking for a fun mid length grey wig, since I didn’t like my long witchy one too much. I knew that shorter wigs have more volume and I came across this one on YouTube. The bangs are super voluminous and feathery. The wig has loose body waves/curls that aren’t your typical ringlets or kinky curls. This wig looks like you got your hair professionally done at a celebrity hair stylist. If you were to buy a more natural color wig, it would look very retro glamorous, perfect for any party you’re looking to stand out in! The ONLY downside it the scratchy lace (its not Swiss lace or silk base) and its considered “lace front” but really only has less than an inch of lace. Most lace fronts come with at least a 2 inch lace front parting space. So you have to really work the hair to make it lay perfect so the tracks don’t show. But that being said, it’s a very dense wig! The layers and light yaki texture gives it even more volume.

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