62% Hufflepuff

Items and Links provided by Fashion MIA. Please use at your discretion.










There are numerous quizzes out there that determine your Wizarding house in the Harry Potter world. I have taken so many but I get usually the same mix of mostly Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Which despite being brought up with the golden trio and everyone was “supposed” to claim their loyalty to Gryffindor; I am happy with my results. I like to tell people that I am undecided but deep down I know I am a true RavenPuff.


The best part of this look is that most of it was thrifted! The shorts were found (by me) at 3 Way Thrift here in southern California. (I am not sure if they are THAT big of a chain) The blouse I found at GoodWill. And my beautiful #likenew Dolce Vita oxfords were found at none other than Veterans Thrift Store! That place is my JAM! I have definitely been spending more time at the thrift store lately and have acquired some really fun, quirky, and outlandish garments. More to come on the next Thrift Shop Thursday! Here I give you my 62% HufflePuff-ness.

3waythrift goodwill veterans

But the real star of the show is this incredibly adorable and Huffly-Puffly-ness coat! Thank you Fashion MIA for sending it my way! This coat gave me all the feels when it arrived! I love bright colored coats in the winter time and this is the perfect soft-cosplay garment for my Hufflepuff look! But pockets….elude me…. Beware! This coat has no pockets! And you all know how I feel about POCKETS! But I’ll take a step back and oogle over its cuteness.

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