February Favorites

WooHoo! I am on time this month! Take that procrastination!

Yes Please!

Amy Poehler, you hysterical leprechaun of joy and fierceness. I love this book SOOOoooOOOoo much! I can’t even put into words how funny this book is. (Yay book puns!) I enjoyed every story, word, even comma this woman wrote. As much as she complains on how writing is so hard, she is actually really good! She kept me laughing (both the kind where you laugh with and laugh at) with every recount of her life. She tells it like it is in a lighthearted manner that makes an impact but you aren’t beaten down by some boring monotone doctor/shrink. I have never read a book faster than Yes Please. I could have finished it in one day but you know…I have a job and need money and actually need to be a high functioning adult in society. Bummer. I will say this, reading her book has helped me improve my writing and better translate they way I talk in real life, (you know the non-digital world, get off your phones you zombies) into my blog.

Shine bright like a diamond

So my boyfriends co-worker turned a good friend of mine, surprised me with a gift card to Sephora for my birthday. She knows me so well! I wasn’t sure how to spend it…”New foundation? Nah I have 2 expensive ones right now. How about some new eye shadow? Eh, I have a ton of palettes already.” That’s when Ryan suggested something I get new highlighter. He noticed that I have hit pan with my Becca Champagne Glow palette because I use it so much. And it was brilliant! I decided I’d try some new highlighter and I was looking for something with more color range. I stumbled across Sephora brands Illuminating Palette and fell in love! It cost me a fraction of one super fancy highlighter compact and it has really good pay-off. The color is fairly pigmented so I see myself using this for a while. And because it has various colors, I can mix and match according to my look or my skin tone of the season. The only downside to this palette is there is no mirror. The packaging allows you to see through the lid and see the colors… a huge mirror in the palette would have been so perfect! Maybe their next round of this palette will have one, since this is a new product. I find myself using the middle top, top left and bottom right the most for my cheekbones. The mixture of these three give a peachy/gold highlight with a dash of iridescent-ness. I use the bottom left for the bridge of my nose and a little on my cupid’s bow. And the last two colors I use on my eyes, the darker for my lid and the white for my inner corner… Basically I can use this palette for my whole face. Does that mean this is the Whole Face Highlight Challenge?? I don’t know…stupid trends.

 “Books are the best weapon in the world!”

If you know where that quote is from I will love you forever! Recently I created an account with goodreads and I love it! What really drew me to the site was that you can create challenges for yourself. For example, my 2017 resolution is to read more, to read tangible books with paper and actual flipping of pages, not just the latest FaceBook drama. So there is a challenge in goodreads where you can set your desired amount of books you’d like to read within the new year and the website lets you know, in real time, how much you’ve accomplished the challenge. You can also keep track where you are in a book and see the rising thermometer with each book you read. I love seeing visual diagrams and pictures of my progress, it feels like a game. (We should all appeal to the inner-child competitive nature in all of us.) FIND ME!

Next Shaun White

Here is an unbelievable story for you all…I have only seen snow about 3 times in my whole life! Yeah crazy, I know! I live under an hour from the closest “mountain range” and I have barely seen snow fall, let alone snow board! The first time I went snowboarding was when I was a sophomore in high school. The second time was a few weeks ago. So Ryan bit off a lot more than he could chew when he decided to take up the chance to teach me. The very first run was spent mostly on my butt. It literally took us 30 minutes to get through my first run…Ryan had no idea what he got himself into! However to his surprise, I was able to pick up on the board and by the 3rd run, I could let go of him and keep myself upright while slowly inch worming to the end of the slope. By the end of the day, I was able to “Christmas tree” without his help at a reasonable speed… still on the bunny slope. Haha! Yeah I never left the bunny slope. Ryan went on some other more advanced slopes while I sat back with a cocktail and enjoyed the winter air. Yeah, I think by next time, I’ll be ready for the winter Olympics.* (*-a note from Ryan; Please excuse my girlfriend’s over-confidence in her snowboarding capabilities, she really isn’t that good)



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