New Found Love: A Novel

Well not really… if this is actually a book, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to steal your thunder. But this post will be a bit of a novel, I have a lot more words than I do pictures… so if you like reading, like me again, then enjoy!

But what I am talking about it my new (more precisely)RE-found love of reading. I have been on a reading binge, inhaling every book I come in contact with. Reading anytime, any place, and on anything I can! Using audible for the past 2 books of the Harry Potter series has pulled me back into the wonderful world of imaginative writing.

Quick back story.

I grew up an only child, so basically I had to entertain myself whenever my mom or grandma were busy. I was perfectly content with spending hours upon hours of creating magical worlds all inside my head. I could keep my mind busy while being the perfect quiet child when you needed to be “seen not heard.” I will say I liked to watch movies and play pretend than read but now as an adult, its a bit harder to “play-pretend” alone in your room. I think that’s what the call Anti-Social personality disorder… No I’m really only kidding about that. But I always say to Ryan, “It’s sucks sometimes being an adult, not because of bills and work, but because we can’t just play anymore. We can’t have a burst of energy and want to play tag with our friends or spend hours at the park.” I know some people still do this, but I feel the majority of adults really slump into the “adult depression” that most kids want to avoid, “I never want to grow up!”

Adult Bookworn

Reading has been that precise outlet for me. As an adult now, I can actually grasp the concepts that writers are trying to convey. The vast enormity of the worlds they have created, and the depth of their characters they write. I can understand the metaphors and meanings behind each story while enjoying being wisked away on a fantastical journey of heroism, or a thrilling tales of mystery and suspense. I can go on these voyages without even leaving my bed. Simple mundane tasks and errands are now turned into exciting adventures!

I read now more than I go on my phone, I feel uplifted because instead of letting the social media dictate my mood or thoughts (yes it happens even if you hate to admit it) I am enthralled with a new novel I have started or am anxiously waiting to see what happens next in a current story. Heck, my vocabulary has improved tremendously because of all the books I have been reading! I am doing what I love, which to imagine far off places where are magical, mystical, and all the more exciting than here and now. But rather than getting lost in books,I feel inspired, motivated, and energized when I read that I, intern, bring that into my everyday life. I look forward to each day and I find the little adventures or mysteries day to day. And if I am having a less than best day, my stories are there to pull me back in and lift me up again.

I want to extend my gratitude for the several different outlets I have purchased my books from.

This is a used book store, but online! Be warned, some books are sometimes less than expected, but all is well when it comes to customer service. They are incredibly friendly and helpful, they will even give you a refund or a new book if the one you received is less than your standards. I personally have had 3 problems (all which the books were less than “very-good” condition) But 2 of them I was offered a refund and a new copy, and the last one was my own mistake. (watch out for what picture icons mean, mine indicated it was missing a dust jacket) So overall I really enjoy this company for my purchasing needs for books that I don’t want to buy brand new, but still want to own.

Barnes and Noble

I know some people feel inclined to not purchase from Barnes and Noble for many reasons. But I have had mostly good experiences with B&N. I signed up for their membership (which DOES cost money, $25)  But I think it was totally worth it! I was able to buy a book online for less than $10 and have it shipped within 3 days…FREE! Just in time when as I finished another book. I would like to point out though, the best deals are books that are brand new. (40% off bestsellers) and I unfortunately had an issue with a book that had multiple copies in the bestseller shelf, but was NOT part of the 40% off. Kind of a bummer. But if you are really wanting some new, crisp paged, book-smelling-oh-so-musty-but-oh-so-good novel, it’s the place to go! Especially if you are like me and want it NOW! Or maybe you are unsure about a book online and you want to see it in person, to… I don’t know pet it…like I and Sam from THOUGHTSONTOMES do. Definitely go there!

Local Thrift Stores

This is my guilty pleasure. I love going into thrift stores now and just perusing the shelves and coming across a hidden gem. Or a whole freaking SERIES! this is like B&N and had a baby. You get the price of a thrift book and the comfort of knowing you’re lessening your ecological impact, but you also get it NOW! I have been fortunate to find the lot of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series! I have also found a plethora of Sarah Dessen YA (young adult) books…half a dozen to be exact! (and you best believe I bought them all!) I haven’t even dabbled the shear quantity of Stephen King novels I have seen in thrift stores, I am just starting Misery, and for the first King novel I have ever read…lets just say I’m a fan! (Hahaha bookworm puns!)

The good ol’ library

I finally got a new library card after… 10 YEARS since my last one! Back in middle school, I only really went to libraries to hang out with my friends or even more uncommonly work on projects (I was, admittedly, a teachers pet and did all my assignments in class…so I could have a social life!) But can I tell you how nostalgic it felt to be back in a library! I decided to get a card outsite of my resideing home city (which I thought was a no-no… glad I was wrong!) and I now call the Claremont Public Library my…4th home… behind work, aerial, and Ryan’s home… jeez this feels like Myspace again, trying to rank all your friends evenly. But anyway, I felt so grown-up in a child like way,seeing the sea of unread books that I can’t wait to get my hands on! But what really caught my attention and impelled me to get a library card was the advancement in technology! So instead of audiobooks being CD’s or even more primitive cassettes’, you can now check out DOWNLOADABLE books on your personal devices! Excuse me while I squeal like a fangirl.

Seriously! I could not get to Claremont Public Library fast eough to start checking out audio books! I love listening to audio books during my drives! Even when I am doing tasks that require my hands but not my mind, (like washing dishes or crocheting or packing)  I can listen to a book! On my own cellphone or tablet no less! I love it! I plan to listen to all the classics and books I personally don’t want to own or physically read. My 2017 Goodreads Reading challenge is going to get blown to bits!

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