Growing Old

They say that you need to grow up. They say you need to take on more responsibility. They say that they wish the never became an adult. They say that the world is unfair and unfavorable. They say to stay young forever. Everyone has their opinions on growing up and growing old, and many more people see the difference in the two.

I am well aware of what it means to grow old and grow up. Growing old is finding a grey hair fresh out of the shower. Growing up is saying goodbye to childish games. Growing old is achy joints and slower metabolisms. Growing up is stressing about bills and payments. Growing old is seeing a new crows foot and laugh line in the reflection. Growing up is dismissing that face in the mirror.

I want to grow old. I want to grow gracefully. I want to grow beautifully. I want to massage my aching knees from a long hike through nature. I want to smooth on creams and serums to protect my skin from the summery Vitamin D rich sunlight. I want to prepare nutritious food for a picnic in the middle of spring. I want to find myself in the doctor’s office to find out I am having a beautiful and healthy baby. I want to continue to enjoy every moment growing old has to offer; sagging limbs, aching back, slow pace. I want to experience what it means to be a child at heart; taking care of my body for my grandchildren, laughing so hard I lose control of my bodily functions, dancing till my bones can’t dance no more.

Rather than looking at what people see as life hardships, I see the world for its new adventures and experiences; like needing a helping hand to get up off the floor because you can’t seem to reach your toes anymore. Or asking someone to repeat the joke because you have gone to one too many concerts in your life.

Growing old is accepting you have lived a while on this earth. You have lived and laughed and loved…a lot. Growing old is not letting anything take down your spark, no matter what your age is. Age, I think once we realize that this is literally just a number, we will be happier. Rather than seeing it increase as a sign of fleeting youth, we should embrace it as a sign of another year that has been lived fully, happily, and contently. Like the numbers on a scale, age has a stigma that once you reached your peek, it’s only downhill from there. Well if you’re talking about downhill on a snowboard with the wind and fresh snow kissing your face, then yes I agree, but only under those circumstances.

Just because you are “aged” doesn’t mean you have to put on a pair of mom jeans, settle down, and only live for your family. Well mom jeans are pretty fashionable but what I mean is, don’t let growing old mean you have to grow up. Take up a wine and paint class, learn a new language, try a new sport… Live! Don’t just survive. Create meaning in waking up every day. Find what makes this day better than the last. Forget the bucket list, make a life list!

But, I will tell you a bit of truth, when you grow old; you grow up…sort of. Like, you have to pay taxes, you have to have health insurance; you have to schedule your own dentist appointments. Growing up is obtaining a sense of maturity and understanding that things need to be done as you age. So yes you kind of have to be a “square” but it’s your outlook on life that determines whether you have  grown old, or you grew up. Grow old and see the bright side of paying taxes. Grow old and understand  yes health insurance is for my own well-being. Grow old and…well dentists just suck in general, but dentures suck more.

We can all be children at heart, but we should also be responsible. This is why I have to grow old and grow up while I take on some new life adventures. I get to experience a new chapter of my life and I am ecstatic! But I also have to grow up and I will be taking on new responsibilities and obligations. I have to prioritize my life in a way that benefits my inner happiness. Nickitea will still be alive and well, and my lovely readers will still get to enjoy articles of fashion and fun, but sporadically and periodically.

Each and every one of you has brought great joy to my life and I am glad that I got to share my happiness and life adventures with you. I will be sure to let you peek into my life because great things are happening! Thank you for your love and support and I look forward to sharing my new adventures with you!



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