When Online Shopping…

Thank you to Fashion MIA for sending me these products, now for my friends!

Sometimes…no, scratch that. MOST of the times, online shopping is a gamble. The age we live in is a great one. Communication, entertainment, and shopping  at the touch of our fingertips. But with great power comes great…uh disillusionment? Yeah that’s a good word for it. Basically online shopping isn’t all its cracked up to be. I can tell you right now, I know my measurments by heart and to a T because of online shopping. But even when this online craze has required me to know my “36-24-36” (thank you Sir Mix-a-Lot) Not all clothing companies understand that women come in all shapes and sizes.

Michael Phelps Muscles

Never did I have to know my shoulder span or girth measurements before. And as far as shoulders go, I’m slowly turning into a Michael Phelps thanks to the beautifully muscle demanding sport that is Aerial Acrobatics. So as you can imagine, coats, tops, and blouses are becoming increasingly difficult to buy online because sometimes that measurement is not available.

However, Fashion MIA was kind enough to let me gift the items that didn’t fit me to my friends and family! This magnificently dapper coat was gifted to my mom’s friend and it looks absolutely stunning on her! She loves the bright cherry red and she’s proud that she can fit in it since she has recently lost a lot of weight!

Purchase this coat

Featured Image


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