5 Things I wish I knew AFTER buying a house!

Did you get the hint??? well if not…


After 2 and a half years of hard work and enough patience to make a monk twitch, Ryan and I are officially HOMEOWNERS! At 23 and 31 years old, we are the lucky millennials! It’s been a tough road but we did it and we could not be happier! But there are quite a few items I want to add to my previous list of “Things I wish I knew before deciding to buy a house.This is the “big news” I have been waiting to tell all! I knew you’d understand why I had to take a step back from my blog for something as big as a…FREAKING HOUSE!

Make way for Anxiety!

Being apart of the Law of Attraction community, I have learned how to be more positive and “let go” of feelings that don’t serve me…But holy shit has buying our house turned me back into a nervous wreck! Well, more specifically waiting to see if our offer was chosen. So yes, you find a house you like, then you have to write up an offer and submit it to the seller in hopes they like what your bringing to the table. If they don’t…well back to hunting. But if they do accept it…well we’ll get to that.

What I’m talking about is that limbo you’re left in from submitting an offer, to waiting if they accepted it! That was the LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! We had a few miscommunications…the seller picked our offer a day sooner than we were notified… yeah we were the last to know if we got OUR house! But we got it! So if your looking for a house, be prepared for splitting headaches, stomach butterfly swarms, and nubby chewed fingernails. And if that wasn’t bad enough…

Hurry Up and Wait

So if your offer gets accepted, you almost have your house. But first you need to start escrow…which has been a whole other ordeal! Every day we are getting emails from our loan officer asking for this document, and that document, and the same papers 3 different times. And Once we send them in…we wait, for the next thing we need to send in. It’s like the most confusing sprint race ever. We rushrushrush to get paperwork submitted, then waitwaitwait till something else comes up we need to turn in… rushrushrush… waitwaitwait…and repeat for 25-30 days. This part has been the ultimate test of patience… I have had to send the same thing multiple times because someone on the other end loses it, forgets about it, or little email gremlins snatch it out of thin internet air.

Best advice, exercise that patience. Meditate, take deep (non hyperventilating) breaths. Be cooperative. Be organized. And be understanding… if all else fails just scream (preferably into a pillow) or hit something (again, preferably a pillow)

Mo Money Mo Problems

So remember how I said you need to have saved a lot of money to buy a house? Well I mean it! Save save save! Just when you think you have enough money, save!!! Escrow is a patience testing, money hungry nightmare!  You need to place a “deposit” to start escrow ($1,00-$4,00) you need to pay for a home inspection ($300-$500) pay your realtor commission ($5,000-$1000 or nothing if you are as lucky as us to have your grandma as a realtor) and any remodeling that needs to be done (<$100->$10,000) And then there is utilities and gas and electricity and internet and furniture and living essentials and cleaning supplies…. Ya… LOTS OF MONEY!

Have Mercy on Us!

So you are basically at the mercy of the seller the entire time this house buying ordeal is going down. Since we are first time home buyers, we didn’t have the confidence to barter back what we wanted and didn’t want. Or in this case how long we had to wait. Like with escrow, you are waiting for someone else to make the call, but at least with escrow, escrow is more or less on your side… The seller, however, is not. S/He does not care that you have plans and schedules to abide by. They don’t care if you are trying to remodel and have 5 other people waiting on them to GTFO. They don’t care that you have waited 2 1/2 long years to get this house. They don’t care if they contracted for a shorter escrow and then take it back and decide to take an extra week to move out. THEY DON’T CARE!

So as much as we wanted to show them a piece of our mind…we kind of just had to smile and nod. We waited patiently (on the surface) like good little first-time homebuyers for them to finally hand over their keys. I mean if we wanted to… once you close escrow and the title transfer is complete, you OWN that house so you can charge them rent or kick them out! But We didn’t want to push our karma. I suggest everyone play nice and be civil. We own the house so that’s all that matters.

Organization is the key to not ripping out your hair!

This is my last and final thing I wish I knew before buying a house. And thanks to Ryan’s need for organization (and mine too) We actually had this in the bag! We literally printed out, sorted, and filed EVERYTHING! We were always 2 steps ahead of everyone. We were adamant about buying a new filing system for everything house related while buying the house. But even before that, I suggest you start organizing your whole life 2 years in advance to purchasing a house. I had all my pay stubs from 2014 to present, I had all my retirement paper-work together, I had all my tax information at hand. Everything was as easy as flipping though tabs and pulling out the year/month/day of paperwork. Escrow is soooo nitpicky and they will ask for anything and everything so being organized will give you a leg up! It’ll still be stressful, but at least you KNOW where everything is and are not scrambling around to try to pull paperwork out of thin air.

I want to personally thank everyone who helped us with our home buying endeavor. Our agent, our loan officer, our notary, our employers, our parents, our friends. Everyone was extremely supportive and helpful during this journey and I can’t wait to enjoy this new chapter in my life. And you best believe I will have remodeling pictures for you all! It’s the least I can do for you for being so patient.

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