April Favorites

With the purchase and renovation of my new house, the prime spots for shopping have been Marshalls, Lowes, Costco, and The Home Depot.

Interior Designer

Marshalls has been the best place for all my inner interior designer needs. I first started shopping here for my work clothes, without ever bothering to look at the home goods section. However when Ryan decided to venture into the home décor, there was no looking back. Most of our nick-nack kitchen gadgets have been from Marshalls. They have a great selection of wood décor like coasters (listen to me getting giddy of freaking coasters) salad bowls, salad tossers, cutting boards, and salt containers. We have yet to actually purchase dishware and cups, and since Costsco has done us wrong (WHYYYY COSTCO!) we are most likely going to be getting the rest of our dishware from Marshalls. But all in all, that place has some awesome house goodies, as well as misc house necessities. I bought this awesome yoga pad for your knees and I LOVE IT!

Members Only

Do you know how grown-up Ryan and I felt when we strutted into our Costco demanding a membership!? Hella! That’s how much! Back in the day where you needed permission to get invited to join Pinterest, I thought that’s how owning a Costco memberships worked. All you really need to do is just go and pay for a membership and then unlock the world that is Costco! It’s basically like Target, you go in for one thing and then come out with  a $200 bill, and nothing you intended to get. Well for most people. I like to go in with a plan, so I don’t see myself getting too carried away with Costco. Maybe the toilet paper…seriously one Costco size toilet paper will last Ryan and I 6 months! We found a lot of goodies here, our storage tubs, outdoor rugs, cleaning supplies, towels, outdoor lights, more kitchen gadgets, and our TV! I seriously suggest you invest in a Costco membership, even if its only for the bulk non-perishables. I plan to buy most of our detergents and soaps from Costco as well as bulk veggies. Because being a Veg-Head, I need all the plants


Best dad joke ever! And I love Rob Lowe so I had to. Lowe’s has been a sneaky miracle. Apparently all the display lights get taken down as new ones get put up and get heavily discounted. Up to 75% off! I needed to find a new chandelier and pendent lights for our house and was about to spend about $100 on just a chandelier alone! Well it turns out the display section had the perfect chandelier at only $30! Originally $140, what a steal! I bought new tulip glass to make it more modern and less only lady and BAM 60% discount! (I think that math is correct, don’t shoot me if it isn’t) We have also found a few other things here but nothing like that! And Ryan’s mom even got the same style chandelier only bigger for $50…originally $300! (it was missing a light but we gave her our old ones that were the same style) Lowe’s, you da best!

What a tool

Yes more puns. Can’t help it! I can honestly say, I never thought I would be excited to go to Home Depot, let alone any home improvement store. As a kid, that was like the last thing I never wanted to do. But as an adult who owns a house, OMG its like a candy store! I actually get excited to find door knobs, light fixtures even light switches (omg the dimmers! LOVE!) Very fortunately, there is a Home Depot not even a 1/4 mile from our house, so if we have any issue with anything, we can literally walk to Home Depot! Having it so close to our house is so convenient, I want to re-landscape our front flowerbed, and with Home Depot right next door, it’ll be an easy and fun weekend project!


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