Spring Stevie

Stevie Nicks is one of my all time favorite artists. She is a magical, mystical gothy witch that breathes life into my soul through her enchanting melodies. She is the perfect singer for any turn of the season occasion. Almost every song has some feel of seasons to it. I can listen to fast paced dance-like-no-one-is-watching “Stand Back” in the summer time. Or I will be whisked away into a winter wonderland with “Sarah”. Or flow with fleeting sun with an autumn evening “Nightbird.”
Spring time reminds me of “Gypsy.” Or vice versa. Just being care-free and not having to be anywhere at any time. Just enjoying life as a free soul. This springtime outfit embodies both new life and Stevie. Long flowy dresses with large printed flowers are always a staple for spring season. However adding this corset waist belt adds a touch of edginess that breaks up the typical bubbly flower pattern. This dress also has a hint of industrial-ness with a trim of eyelets around the plunging neckline. I think Stevie would approve.

Dress: XXI (similar) | Belt: Amazon | Platforms: Amazon | Wig: WigTypes


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