May Favorites

All the Feels

Shatter me is a 3 book series (soon to be 6!) That literally gave me ALL THE EFFING FEELS! Shatter me is a dystopian romance…basically like your Hunger Games, except a little bit different. Its like Hunger Games, without the games only war and with X-men! I hope that didn’t give away too much. I finished this series in record time, partially because it is a fairly easy read. Well I wouldn’t be honest if I said I read the books. I actually listened to them all in 2 days. (Thank you library card!) I give props to the voice behind the audiobook because she did an amazing job sucking me into the story. I will say it was a bit jarring at first how high pitched her voice was, but thankfully its only the “main character” voice not EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Anyway, I am not a big fan of the dystopian genre, except Hunger Games, but this totally changed my mind. I think I just have a thing about romance during a war. There is a bit of a Twilight Triangle (as I like to call it) But I love how Tahereh Mafi really ties up loose ends and nips things in the bud when it comes to relationships and what it means to be in a healthy one. Overall, this is a great feels/ship book that I could not put down. And Tehereh just announced there will be 3 more books! 4th one to be release 2018…ugh the agony!

More Interior Design

Now with Ryan and I finally settling down in our new casa, I get to really stretch my wings with some interior designing. Now I thought Marshals was the shit…but I was only scratching the surface of this iceberg.  Little did I know what was in store for me! (teehee all the puns) I took a trip to Homegoods and I nearly shit my pants. I swear to god I could live there. Its like Costco but for designers! I spent nearly 3 hours in that store rummaging through all the isles of adorableness! I had to remind myself a few times that I have 30 years in this house and I can get things as I have the money… But oh how I wanted it all right now. I ended up getting decorative pillows, an ottoman tray, a geometrical glass plant house??, candles, a throw blanket, and some serving platters. I haven’t been back since…I don’t think my wallet can handle it! But trust me, if money wasn’t an option!!

You’re a Wizard

So have you heard that all the Harry Potter books are getting a makeover?? J.K. Rowling & Jim Kay are releasing illustrated versions of each Harry Potter book! Philosophers stone and Chamber of Secrets are only out now, with Prisoner of Azkaban on pre-order. And guess what? I have both that are out now! Yes I am that much of a nerd. I haven’t found anything Harry Potter that I have wanted more than these books! I can’t wait to have kids now so I can read them these books. The illustrations are beautiful and captivating. Ryan asked me if the characters are more like the book descriptions or the movie actors, and I will say they are a little of both (right now) but they stay more true to the books. (and that just means they did a fairly good job casting for the movies) I’m really excited to see scenes that were cut from the movies in these books with magical images that Jim Kay has created. I think I may just re-read the series just so I can enjoy the images alongside the story. These books aren’t that expensive either. If purchased through Barnes&Noble website, the price is only $25! That’s one hell of a price! If you ant it now i believe its upwards of $40. So you are free to choose your demon.

Graphic Designer

So I like to keep up with most bloggers and emulate their aesthetic because who doesn’t like a goof looking website? Canva was introduced to me through work and I absolutely love it! I have used it for many of my recent graphics! You can create clean and crisp graphics for pretty much anything! Social media, websites, blogs, print out flyers and cards, presentations…you name it! Canva comes with hundreds of thousands of graphics as well as numerous pre-made layouts for those of you (and me) who have a hard time imagining a cool design. It is a free site with small “premium” pictures and illustrations only costing $1 each. So if your using it for work, its practically free. If your using it for a personal page, its an investment! I’ve also used Canva to create my “new neighbor” cards to announce to my neighborhood. This websiye is defineitely worth a look for those of you who like paint (on windows computers) and wish to upgrade to the big leagues!


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